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[AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV / 15.2 Gb] WANZ Factory - Beautiful Investigator video collection

Discussion in 'Fetish JAV Torrents' started by supermax, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. supermax

    supermax Akiba Citizen

    Cast = Yuna Shina, Tsubomi, Ryu Enami, Tamaki Nakaoka, Natsume Inagawa
    Reiko Sawamura, Ruri Saijo, Yui Hatano, Misa Kudo, Ayu Sakurai, Rei Aimi
    Claire Hasumi, Misuzu Kawana, Ichika Kamihata

    Video file format = watermark AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV

    Total file size = 15.2 Gb

    WANZ-049 Shiina Yuna, AVI, 1.03 Gb

    WANZ-067 Virginal Investigator Tsubomi, AVI, 1.03 Gb

    WANZ-070 Beautiful Secret Investigator Ryu Enami, AVI, 1.03 Gb

    WANZ-077 Beautiful Secret Investigator Tamaki, AVI, 965 Mb

    WANZ-083, WANZ-091, WANZ-103, WANZ-110, WANZ-120

    WANZ-151, WANZ-153, WANZ-176, WANZ-186, WANZ-211, WANZ-259

    Total file size = 16.3 Gb

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
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    GOATMONK New Member

    cant find the torrent
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    GOATMONK New Member

    got it. tks
  4. baskettom

    baskettom New Member

    cant find the torrent, please direct me, thanks
  5. baskettom

    baskettom New Member

    just found thanks
  6. MaxTaro

    MaxTaro New Member

    Thank you so much Bro.
  7. patfong

    patfong Member

    Must reply then can find the torrent?
  8. patfong

    patfong Member

    Hahaha! THanks! found it too!
  9. chocomelk

    chocomelk New Member

  10. Mayum

    Mayum New Member

  11. OnkelOlly

    OnkelOlly Member

    fantastic, thanks
  12. f4t001

    f4t001 New Member

    cant find the torrents??
  13. OnkelOlly

    OnkelOlly Member

    torrent is the right lower file:

    Attached Files:

  14. fragnex

    fragnex New Member

    How to download
  15. moolor

    moolor New Member

    thank bro
  16. genbarh

    genbarh New Member

    Good stuff! THANKS BROTHER!
  17. asianbooblover

    asianbooblover Well-Known Member

  18. lanthan

    lanthan New Member

    thanks a lot
  19. cimleah

    cimleah New Member

    Thank you so much
  20. Holahalo09

    Holahalo09 New Member