Asatte Dance (あさってDance) episode 1


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Apr 28, 2008
Finally we get a chance to view the anime adaptation of Naoki Yamamoto's manga. The mangaka is more known is this board with his alias "Moriyama Tou", creator of 3 Cream Lemon episodes and Body Jack.

It's seinen, so there is heavy sexual content, though it's not hentai by all means.
They used tricks to avoid being explicit (shadow, flowers and stuff). It has a rather funny country-ish BGMs.
There is a second episode, hopefully we get it fast.

Released on 25.07.1991 by Tokuma Japan/Knack

AVI container, 320x240, 43mn35, 127 MB (only!), not explicit


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Sep 25, 2007
pleased to do the next update to the missing list, let´s keep ´em coming...