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are there a lot of abuses in JAV industry

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by jade1999, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. jade1999

    jade1999 New Member

    I read an article about JAV actresses being raped in the movies and forced to do a lot of nasty stuffs. Is any of tht true? I dont know how real is that. The article I read was pretty hard breaking to be honest
  2. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    Please post the article.
  3. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    Maybe with shaddy studios, but big studios are pro. If I remember well, there is a meeting before the shooting to talk about what the actress accepts to do or not (with her manager) and then they go to the studio.
    A famous western porn actor (french but lives and works in the US) recently reacted to a documentary about women who did some porn and had bad experiences. Among the bad experiences, there was a girl who was forced (during the shooting) to do anal even if it wasn't planned. The actor (on set) said to her "it will be fine" but she said it was painful. The actor who reacted to the documentary said that this guy and the crew were bastards because on a porn set, nothing should be improvised (and most of studios follow this rule). He said the only time something is improvised is when the actress (and ONLY her) says that she wants to try something.
  4. jade1999

    jade1999 New Member

  5. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    The website is called "A Submissive Asian Woman's Dreams and Fantasies", seems like a website target audience wants to read about abuse and rape.

    Latest article started by "A chink’s ultimate goal in life is to be fully owned by a White Man. " ~NICE~

    Also DMM's own survey shows that for female customers of AV, "rape" is a top 3 search term. (I forgot exactly how high)
  6. jade1999

    jade1999 New Member

    But I am still disturbed by what I read. It sounded like it was real.
  7. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    I read part of it, then I got bored and watch JAV and fapped.

    I give you that there's a good chance the story is "real" in the sense that it was representative of her experience. She was telling her experience or how she remembered or imagined it.

    Abuse and rape is very common for women and girls (and men and boys) in the bottom rung of society everywhere. I read in many reports and books that it's more common in Japan than elsewhere. Partly feminism is far less progressive in Japan than other rich countries. Partly Japanese traditional culture (pre-WWII American influence) doesn't view sex as a very moral matter (e.g. even the most noble men don't care the virginity of his bride). So unless the result is pregnancy or STD or physically beaten up, a woman getting fucked against her will is about as serious as a slap across her face. Compared to Old China, which has deep influence to Japanese culture and values: Chinese traditional values virginity (of girls) and chastity of wives very strongly, so when a rapist is caught he will most likely get his head chopped off (unless he is particularly rich and powerful and the victim is very poor and low class), an exception can be made if the rapist can be made to marry the victim. Rapists are more likely to get away compared to common thieves.

    On the other hand, I don't think that story is representative of most of the JAV that we (at least I ) watch. The reason is a few years ago around the time of US's #MeToo movement, there was a huge blow up of scandals and abuses and the result is still noticeable today (retired idol can demand to have her videos removed from commercial sales after 5 years). It's reasonable to believe most of the abuses had already been exposed during the shake-out. The long story was very well recorded in real time in Akiba-online as it evolved for many months. According to my very subjective view, it's a few minor incidents that caused huge embarrassment to the industry because we live in a time the only excitement comes from troubles in a teacup. What the story wrote about, I think, doesn't happen in major studios and to named idols, not much anyway.
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  8. fenton

    fenton Well-Known Member

    This article doesn't sound right. Not saying it's not true, but for example she says that they never use condoms in JAV. In fact most JAV uses condoms, even when they claim they are not!

    Also the stuff about being a "penis warmer" is suspect, they don't really use them and the guys are expected to attend to themselves.

    The kind of video she describes does exist. There were some guys about 10 years ago who got arrested for making them. I can't remember the series name now but one of the girls ended up going to the ER. I don't know if it's as extreme as she describes, in the ones I have seen they show the actress signing the contract.

    These days JAV is a lot better than it used to be. A lot of the nasty studios got shut down or just went out of business. The remaining ones do eveything properly because they know if they don't they will get regulated or shut down even more.
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  9. crazykiss

    crazykiss Active Member

    I remember a video that I watched when first learned about JAV. It was around 1998 or 2000. In this short clip, the actress was raped repeatedly until she lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital immediately. The clip was so realistic that I hardly believe it was staged or having script, because the shot was like a behind the scenes documentary. When the director realized that the camera was still recording when thing happened, he angrily pointed at it and told to turn it off. So the above issue is likely to occur in some ways, but rarely and only with amateur actresses (I mean actress with no agency).

    I used to talk to an AV actress on Twitter. She told me that nowaday, almost every AV actress will join an agency and be represented, regardless of whether she works full-time or part-time in acting. The reason is to be protected and restrict things like you mentioned.

    The issue above is strengthened via a manga called "Making AV: A sneak peek" of author Youji Igawa. In the near end chapter, a case was reported while an illegal manufacturer (I mean manufacturer for uncensored movie) deceive amateur actresses and force them to act unwanted scenes like gang raped, fuck with no condom or anal interaction... I think you guys should read it to know more about the way JAV industry works.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2020
  10. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    Take a look at the typical article on that website, I would put ZERO credibility to any and every articles on that website. That's not saying every single statement on that article is false. I'm just saying it has zero credibility value.

    The question is never about "there is or is not any sexual abuse in JAV industry". Of course there is, how can a woman be in a career that her earning come from selling her body but she can escape any kind of questionable going on?

    We know definitely, sometimes, maybe fairly regularly, let me pull a random figure out of my ass, every month, at least once, at least one of the top 20 idols sucking cock or being fucked is feeling less than 100% comfortable or willing. If you follow the legal or moral opinion of some people, that is sexual abuse. If you follow those, why are you even here??? We are sexual consumers, figure it out!

    For me, my standard is set at "is there some kind of slavery situation here". That is, can that girl or woman escape from the uncomfortable situation if she really wants to? Ahhh.... here is a current example:
    Hibiki Ootsuki and AIKA were extremely uncomfortable about wearing sailor suit in public (particularly in a busy train station in big city) and riding a bicycle (they were expecting a comfortable vehicle) to get to the location. Yet the director cause them the uncomfortable situation and that's the gimmick of this vid (the train station scene lasted 14 mins and bike ride 7 mins, with lots of whining and complaining by both stars). Get this: these scenes have zero sexual stimulation (at least for me) but it's very clear that embarrassing and forcing them physical exertion is the director's purpose. So is that abuse, absolutely yes.

    But seems to me they can get out if they really want to. Of course there's a consequence, they will get a negative mark on their career reputation. Esp. it's a major production (not just a camera man a stud and a girl in a room), if one of them really quit and mess up the filming it will impact their career. So yeah they are "forced" to go along with whatever shit that director invented. But for me that's well within my moral standard. If they are continuing for fear only of the level of losing future job offers or simply just for money.

    That's my standard for other areas too. Bill Clinton or Harvey Winestein or whatshisname Supreme Court judge. If a woman perform sex for whatever (non-violent) reason such as advancing her career, keeping her job etc. It's legit to refuse and take it to police or HR or media to expose the inappropriate demands of the president/judge/producer. If she perform the sex then it's a private arrangement that's between her and herself, none of my business. It is NOT legit if she perform the sex, keep quiet at that time, obtained the benefits in the sexual transaction (a movie role, a job recommendation) , and then came back and milk it a second time.

    Back to JAV, now I remember at least 2 vids starring top idols that has some pretty uncomfortable after-sex crying. AIKA (again!) in AVOP-117, she broke down pretty badly after being tagged (both literally and sexually) in game of hide-and-seek. Mao Hamasaki in CESD-388(?), she also totally lost it after filming a few anal sex scenes. Strange that it was more than one scene, can't be sure if the melt-down happened after the first sodomization, in that case she's quite a trooper for recovering enough to perform the remaining scenes. Or she broke down after all the scenes were done... then I guess it's not about losing her anal virginity???
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  11. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    not only in japan in the west ... american 70s porn to be exact :D

    If the article is true a lot JAVs production been canceled and investigation being made

    rape is very serious accusation
  12. Blade Runner

    Blade Runner Well-Known Member

    Supmop is correct.

    US porn used to be exploitative back in the day but left the shadows during the mid-80s through the 90s. Some porn stars made allegations after retiring from the business however I don’t remember any wide-scale investigations that were conducted.

    Agencies/studios don’t want to be linked to exploitation because it turns into negative publicity and that is bad for business.
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  13. porcules

    porcules New Member

    That article is bs btw; i read it before; and while some aspects of it are true; the studio that is referred to did exist, and many of the people involved in the shooting of that series were jailed; however, the claim that the author starred in one of the movies is bs, since he (i doubt this is actually a woman) describes 2 different films in that series, each with a different actress.
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  14. jade1999

    jade1999 New Member

    haha, I agree, I looked around the rest of the blog and it's purely fictional
  15. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    in the corner in most movies now, there's a thing called IPPA. Which gives companies guidelines on how to treat performers during filming. The company was established in 2011. I remember watching a video about it, it somewhere in the mature av post. They say the filming industry has gotten better, but the chick from the country are so naïve and end up doing so much crazy shit.
  16. maload

    maload Active Member

    Lots of.bad guy in.this.world.and.lots.of.people.dont.respect.women. So.you.understand.the.planet.that.you.live.. Word.can.say.but its.just make.some.bad.guy.feel.better.. O.bad.guy.need.to feel better.too.ai.ajima. For.the.example.
  17. maload

    maload Active Member

    Just.ask.melody.marks. O. Its.happen.everyday.so.people.think.this is.how.mens.do.with. women nowaday
  18. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    are you talking in riddles, what happened to Melody Marks? did she get abused in US porn or in Jav?
  19. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    She said actresses are just seen as "meat" in US porn, unlike JAV where everybody is pro and respect each others (from what she experienced). She was also abused by a guy after she got drunk in a club. She asked the actress she was with to keep an eye on her, but she didn't.
  20. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    Have you seen American porn, its just the pounding of the cervix, but with jav the theme makes the movie hot. Was she abused in US or Japan