Any sites where you can find older Soft On Demand content


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Dec 30, 2010
I was curious if there are any sites for older content (primarily from Soft on Demand)? R18 seems to only go back to 2005 and there's a lot of older stuff from 2001 and such I can't seem to locate anywhere.


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Jun 6, 2007
well, if you want to pay for it, there’s always

they’ve been around since the days before browsers, when users would get there via arcane methods and upon arrival say “just surfed on in”. another that’s been around since day-one is

the guy that runs it used to copy jav onto vhs tape until he couldn’t buy blank cassettes anymore. since then, he has taken a more modern approach by using dvds. the collection is mainly bukkake old and new. and i don’t wish to influence your viewing habits. but actually, as you probably know, the sod output during the time period in question was soaking with bukkake and gokkun and other sloppy scenarios. navigating the site is difficult and the search engine is not the best. for soft on demand, try putting SDDM* or SDDH* or SDDL* or SDDO* etc into it for some partial results.

if you want free stuff, as you might expect, you’ve got work to do. many sites list older stuff but the links are dead. [this became such a big problem here at akiba-online that at one point, the powers-that-be gathered all the dead links and created the jav torrent graveyard… an eternal, comforting alternative to deletion. while i am not sure it works this way, it nonetheless gives me joy to think that someday, after i’ve shot my last load and i head toward that great big high-resolution monitor in the sky, when i get there (if there is a “there”… if they let me in “there”), the jav torrent graveyard will be waiting for me and will provide me with a wondrous supply of masturbatory material in perpetuity.] one site with some mundane yet active links that comes to mind is

if you know your sod series (idol semen, semen maniac, lolita semen, etc), you can take advantage of that to find stuff quickly. not every link is free or even works, for that matter. but there’s enough to keep you busy. you too can go wading through pools of sperm with the likes of nanami nanase, anna kuramoto, and kurumi morishita.


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Mar 22, 2008
Why not please post a sampling of what you're looking for? Have you seen covers for what you're after? Maybe even drop your whole complete wish list on here, maybe some here have what you're after and would see about sharing it. Doesn't hurt to ask. OR better yet, try posting requests (one title per request, please) in the Request sections.
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