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Any REAL celebrities turned to JAV in Japan?

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by darkfist, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. nanank99

    nanank99 Newbie Forever!

  2. CCKK1

    CCKK1 Member

  3. guyverzero

    guyverzero Member

    I made similar thread like this before XD

    btw can anyone tell more about Hiromi Matsuura ?

    why did she turned into JAV ? did she just turned into JAV surprisingly out of nowhere in the middle of her career ?

    was her music career successful before she turned into JAV ?

    i checked her live in youtube, she is a good singer
  4. CCKK1

    CCKK1 Member

    I would like to add one more AKB48 girl to this list of REAL celebrities turned to JAV in Japan.
    The 3rd AKB AV star after Rico Yamaguchi and Risa Tachibana is Aisaka Haruna (逢坂はるな). She was ex-trainee from AKB48. And her AKB stage name was 成瀬理沙 (Naruse Risa).
    She first started with Muteki with two DVD's.
    Now she is with Idea Pocket.
    Hope to see more AKB48 girls move to JAV.
  5. serlibre

    serlibre Member

    By the way is amazing how rico yamaguchi look when she start in akb48
    and how she look when she graduates
  6. serlibre

    serlibre Member

    sorry double post and cant delete
  7. Zen10101

    Zen10101 Active Member

    She committed suicide back in 2010, RIP.
  8. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen


    「牧野田 彩(まきのだ あや、1980年2月17日 - 2010年10月23日)」
    Makinoda Aya (Makinoda Aya, 17.02.1980 - 23.10.2010.

    At the 23.10.2010 she committed suicide by jumping from her apartment in Tokyo.

    This is her debut movie the Wikipedia article is taking about:

    That is really sad...
  9. CCKK1

    CCKK1 Member

  10. nanank99

    nanank99 Newbie Forever!

  11. jppilot

    jppilot Member

  12. CCKK1

    CCKK1 Member

  13. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    Thanks for the links, japss and CCKK1. But it would have been nice if you also write a few words about your links. I saw e.g. a former AKB48 member, at least one gravure idol, but also a lot of others AV performers which haven't bean celebrities (at as last far as I know). Or I'm wrong? :huh:
  14. CCKK1

    CCKK1 Member

  15. serlibre

    serlibre Member

    i saw an article that mention seifuku koujuo iinkai
    "La situación lejos de ser una mera anécdota puede ser mayor si recordamos que en el pasado el grupo idol Seifuku Koujuo Iinkai se disolvió debido exáctamente a la misma razón en la que una de sus ex integrantes despúes de que se graduó, incursonó al mundo AV ocasionando el derrumbe en el 2006 de la única organizacón idol que sobrevivía desde mediados de los años 90′s debido a que los patrocinadores y empresas retiraron completamente sus apoyos."

    Fuente original: www.yumeki.org/ex-akb48-cambia-a-entretenimento-av/ © yumeki magazine - Yumeki Entertainment Agency. Todos los derechos reservados
    sorry is in Spanish, but they say that a ex-member of that idol group did a av, anyone know the name of the girl?
  16. CCKK1

    CCKK1 Member

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  17. serlibre

    serlibre Member

    I know that the article talks about Rina nakanishi/Rico yamaguchi but if you read the last paragraph, they mention that something similar happen to seifuku koujou iinkai, that an ex-member after graduation made an av
  18. CCKK1

    CCKK1 Member

    Rina Nakanishi was the first former AKB48 member who made AV..
    After Rina Nakanishi, Eri Takamatsu aka Risa Tachibana (高松恵理) and Naruse Risa aka Aisaka Haruna (成瀬理沙) turned AV.
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  19. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    bunko kanazawa was one too.
  20. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    I can't find any JAV using these 2 names. Do they use different stage names?