ANNOUNCEMENT: rules specific to this section


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Apr 28, 2008
We would like to impose a "one thread per release" rule, and I think this is good to apply the same rules now in this section, as all the important direct downloads sections already have it.

So the special rules are the following:

- Each magazine issue release (same month and title) must have its own unique thread
- Each new upload of a given title must be posted in the corresponding thread
- If you fail to follow these rules, you will get an infraction
- All the official rules still apply (especially the double posting rule)

Before you post a magazine title, you must search if it was posted before. If yes, you must make a reply to the thread, and not make a new thread. It doesn't matter if there are separate threads with the same title, you must reply to one of them.

This change will be effective right now, but there will be a 'training' period of 7 days without infractions given.
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