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AkumaMega's Fighting/Boxing/Wrestling Downloads (keep discussion to material only)

Discussion in 'Fetish JAV Downloads' started by desioner, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. desioner

    desioner Sustaining L.I.F.E. Staff Member Super Moderator

    It has come to my attention that this thread is quite popular and busy with conversation. I'm laying out some guidelines and rules now to keep it easy and quick to browse this mess of a thread. Those found violating these rules will be warned and punished if repeating the offenses. Of course most won't come back to the first post so I'll mention it at the end of the thread & remind members the first time they screw up.
    Barter / Trade
    There's a lot of trading going on, that is good. A barter and trade system does work well for many people. Please keep it up. If you want to barter and or trade I highly recommend that you use the PM (conversation) system for that. There is no need to announce to the forum and have a back & forth in this thread.
    If you have titles to offer for trade or barter please post your list in this thread. Your list should be alphabetically ordered, at least contain the DVD code; optionally the DVD title. It must be contained in the spoiler BBcode if more than 20 titles.
    Like this: (This is an example. I do not have these DVDs)
    You should update your offer list as often as possible. Ideally after you get something from someone, but of course we all let things like this slide from time to time. Do not bump the thread with an updated list I will delete it.
    Finally you should mention what format that you possess your DVDs in. avi, iso, mp4, etc…
    Anyone posting random requests for things will have their post deleted. If you have money to pay and are serious contact me. We can get what you want. Please search for a member that has what you're looking for.
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  2. AkumaMega

    AkumaMega Member

    Hi all.

    First thread, and first post for that matter. Bear with me if I break any forum posting rules as I'm a new member. I plan on posting some DVDs I've come across over the years but please PM requests rather than posting them in the thread. Hopefully a mix of boxing, wrestling, and fighting posts are on the way.

    Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome. And of course I welcome any contributions that are related to the title of the thread. lease:

    Super Sonic Satellites SFB-01 First Person Boxing Vol-1

    Thought I'd get started with a boxing post because you don't see many of these around. I separated the DVD into separate matches based on the opponent the P.O.V. is facing off against. The first person perspective even manages to fight back a little too. I like the concept but the camera work could use a little fine-tuning. Anyway, if you like the idea of a boxing match with a woman wearing a swimsuit then this is for you. All matches are Female vs Male.

    On a technical note, I re-encoded these with Xvid. Not ecstatic about the clip quality. I'd give the encode a C+. I'll probably try a different codec next time. Still watchable though.

    Match 1

    Match 2

    Match 3

    Match 4

    Super Sonic Satellites SFP-01 First Person Wrestling Vol-1

    Another first person title. I really like the first person concept. SSS does a decent job with them. Staying with the same theme of separating the downloads by match. Creating the separate clips can be a bit of a hassle but I think its worth it. These are both Female vs Male.

    Match 1

    367 MB, Xvid codec, avi container

    Match 2

    522 MB, Xvid codec, avi container

    Super Sonic Satellites Ultimate Grapple Club Vol-2

    As requested: This is a fem vs fem fight. My favorite genre, Female Mixed Martial Arts. There is just something about those fingerless gloves... :perfectplan:
    This is not a first person fight this time, just a normal one-on-one. There is some topless content but not until the end of the fight. The fighters seem to have some kind of oil on them too, which is not my cup of tea. To each his own.

    Since the matchup is the same two girls throughout, I broke up the downloads arbitrarily in three parts. I tried the h264 codec this time. The smaller file size is nice and the quality is comparable with my Xvid posts.

    Part 1
    182 MB, H264 codec, avi container

    Part 2
    184 MB, H264 codec, avi container

    Part 3
    148 MB, H264 codec, avi container

    Mediafire Links
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  3. AkumaMega

    AkumaMega Member

    Battle Original Lesbian Boxing Vol. 1 BLBD-01 (Topless)

    This is the first volume from the "Battle Original Res Boxing" series. As expressed in the title, this a fem vs fem topless boxing match. Not one of my favorites but I liked the concept of a boxing match between two women turning into something more erotic. This DVD definitely follows through on that premise (although they are never fully nude). My only objection is the lack of any choreography to the boxing. The girls spend a lot of time bouncing around and not enough time exchanging punches. Don't get me wrong. Its not awful. But a little more time and effort put into the planning and production would have gone a long way in my opinion (i.e. Super Sonic Satellites).

    As requested, I uploaded this one across multiple file-sharing websites. SUNBO's Ultimate Guide to Using File Hosting Websites tutorial was helpful. I tried UploadGround this time around so we'll see how we do. Unfortunately, the max file size is 100 MB on that site so, rather than re-encoding the files into 100 MB chunks, I just archived all 4 of my roughly 250 MB avi files into 9 rar files. Next time around I will try to remember to encode the files with a 100 MB size limit if I'm going to use the same file-sharing site.


    If anyone has problems using these links or unarchiving the rar's let me know.
  4. AkumaMega

    AkumaMega Member

    D-Extract Domination Bout Vol-2

    Another fem-vs-fem mixed martial arts DVD. This one is produced by a company called D-Extract. The girls are attractive enough but they are not going to win any Miss Japan titles. :) The vid starts off with the both fighters in athletic looking lycra swimsuits and vale tudo style gear (including shin guards and fingerless gloves) squaring off in a boxing ring. After their ring match is concluded they fight again in street clothes in a bedroom. The action in this one is well choreographed. The production value is a step up from the Battle Lesbian Boxing DVD I uploaded, though not the best I've seen. Neither part has nudity, although there may be a nip-slip now and then.

    I had problems re-encoding one of the VOB files so this is separated in two parts. The first part is encoded with H264 avi files in chunks around 100 MB. The second part is one large VOB file that is around 900 MB. I archived the VOB file into separate rar files around 100 MB due to the file size limitations of sharebee. If anyone has any experience re-encoding VOB files, and you have more success re-encoding it than I did, feel free to post the second part in a avi or mkv container, whichever you prefer.

    Part 1 files 0-2
    Part 1 files 3-5

    Part 2 files 1-9
  5. AkumaMega

    AkumaMega Member

    Super Sonic Satellites SIK-02 Mixed Martial Arts Fight 2 (Fem vs Fem)

    More MMA stuff from SSS. If you couldn't guess from the screenshot this fight is between a wrestler and a more traditional MMA fighter. Not as much striking in this as I'd hoped. Mostly ground fighting submission-style. The fighters are both pretty cute and, although the action isn't fast-paced, both of them manager to sell it pretty well. Sorry guys, no nudity in this one.

    The files are mostly 92 MB in size and each download is a stand-alone so you can download and play them one at a time if you like. The encode with H264 is solid but not quite DVD quality.

    All eight files are from the same fight. I just them because I'm too lazy to upload all the files on Sharbee one at a time and you can upload a queue of files on Mediafire.

    Enjoy the show!


  6. AkumaMega

    AkumaMega Member

    Battle Catfight Vol. 54

    This is titled a "catfight" which, in my experience, is more of a hairpulling, rolling around on the ground type of fight. All things being equal, this is more of a wrestling style fight. Both girls are cute, tiny little things. They seem a little tentative but there is some decent action hear and there. Its mostly a one-sided affair with one of the girls eventually getting submitted with a rear naked choke.

    No nudity in this one. Both girls start and end the fight in sporty-looking swimsuits. I'd give it a C+ as far as content. I've seen better. Having said that, the spirit shown by both girls makes up for the lack of erotic content in my opinion. But what do I know...

    As usual, all files are stand-alone avi files encoded with a H264 codec. Each file is in chunks approximately 90 MB in size. The quality is so-so due to the source.


  7. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

  8. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

    b@ttle j@pan clips

    I uploaded what clips I have...judging from the titles, I may have got them from here...these are pretty short clips, but....















    I have 3 B@ttleC@tXXX clips, one is 35 minutes, one is 77 minutes, and one is 107 minutes. I'm uploading now, so I'll post those in the morning.
  9. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

  10. AkumaMega

    AkumaMega Member

    Medusa CGB-04 Torture Boxing Vol 4

    This boxing release by Medusa is dubbed "torture boxing" which ends up being more of a domination style match with a lot of crotch attacks. This is a one-sided fight with one girl dishing out most, but not all, of the punishment. Less focus on realism and more on eroticism in this one.

    The girls are both good looking. They both go topless the whole fight and wearing tight speedo-looking bottoms that look like they are about two sizes too small. Very hot. :nosebleed:

    I used my standard 90+ MB avi chunks that are encoded with H264. The source quality limited the quality of the output files, but there is very little pixelation in the final product. I noticed that sharebee has a limit of 150 MB files so on my next release I would probably up the file size to around that. Less downloads for everybody that way.


    As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy! :tea:

    Megaupload link:
  11. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

  12. AkumaMega

    AkumaMega Member

    SSS Battle F*ck of Boxers Mixed Match SXM-04 ***WARNING: Nudity and Explicit Sex***

    This fight is F/M and, as warned in the title, includes (Censored) nudity and sex. The premise is a boxing match that eventually turns into a erotic style fight, with the man and woman trying to dominate their opponent sexually, and they definitely follow through in that regard.

    The boxing action is just ok. The guy does a good job selling his bumps. The girl is enthusiastic, but seems to be a step or two late when she tries to sell the action. However, there are a few belly-punching and low-blow scenes that come off pretty well.

    :attention:**Spoiler Alert***:attention:​
    The erotic content is very good in my opinion. They start off with innocent kissing, rubbing, etc. and gradually up the ante. The end of the DVD in particular is very hot. The girl rides the guy into submission from his first-person perspective.

    As per usual, the files are approximately 130 MB stand-alone avi's. I ran into difficulty trying to re-encode the raw DVD files so, after a couple of attempts at encoding with H264, I eventually gave up and used Xvid for the second half of the fight. There is a little more pixelation in the Xvid files but its not bad enough to be distracting. I would give the encode about a C+, B-. I'm going to try to use thumbnails from now on because I'm tired of waiting for the direct link screenshots to load all the time, hopefully they will work ok because I haven't had much success with posting thumbs...


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  13. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

  14. speedo lover

    speedo lover Well-Known Member

  15. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

  16. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

  17. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

  18. studioWI

    studioWI New Member

  19. AkumaMega

    AkumaMega Member

    MOUTHPIECE Belly Punch 1 PBD-01

    This is the first volume of the Belly Punch DVD series released by MOUTHPIECE. There are two bellypunching fights in this release. The first fight is a boxing match that takes place in a boxing ring. The second is more of an "apartment style" fight that takes place in a bedroom. The girls start off wearing sports bras and boxing trunks in the first fight and they eventually go topless. In the second fight both girls are wearing skirts, with one girl wearing a long-sleeve jean shirt and the other a white tank top, ending up topless as well.

    The action in both fights is slow and the girls seem to be going by a you-hit-me-I-hit-you set of rules. Whoever can take the most punishment wins. At times the punches seem to be a little light and you can tell they are holding back, so, as usual with this type of fight, you have to suspend disbelief at times. However, there are quite a few good shots where you can hear the thud and see a good reaction.

    I separated the downloads in stand-alone segments with each fight encoded into separate files (the first fight was too big to fit into one file). So if one style isn't your cup of tea, and you want to download one or the other, PBD-01a is the boxing match, and PBD-01b is the apartment style fight . All files have been encoded with H264 and max out around 150 MB so I could up them to Sharebee.


    1a(1) - [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?4kavnkle97v2rc7[/url]
    1a(2) - [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?nb5d7zozzol87vx[/url]
    2a - [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?2a2r1yc1etsucwa[/url]
    1a(1) - [url]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7O79LKO0[/url]
    1a(2) - [url]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DGZEYZGU[/url]
    2a - [url]http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0K2TFNK2[/url]

    If you are unable to download the file from Mediafire let me know and I will upload on other sites as requested. First come first serve.

    To put my releases in perspective, I am going to post a letter grade for different content criteria going forward:
    Production value (Direction, Action, Enthusiasm): C+
    Presentation (Attractiveness of the girls, Attire, Setting): C-
    Tilt (My overall opinion): C
  20. studioWI

    studioWI New Member