Aftershock 唐山大地震 (2013) TV Series


Ninja Pig
Jan 15, 2009

Actor / Actress : Zhang Guo Li (Actor) | Chan Siu Ngai (Actor) | Xu Ya Jun (Actor) | Zhang Han Yu (Actor) | Tong Li Ya (Actor) | Yuan Wen Kang (Actor)

Director: Yao Xiao Feng


32 years of soul rattling pain 23 seconds to let some affection into dismay by the resentment

As a disaster film , but also a description of the Chinese family and family values, emotional epic , the story of a family joys and sorrows of ordinary Tangshan among the thirty-two years after the earthquake .

In 1976, Tangshan , the truck driver and his wife, Wanda LiYuanNi strong , small children, twins board , small living up to ordinary happy life. Wanda Strong often away from home , and finally back again , siblings are particularly happy. One evening in July , Wanda Strong returned to his home , on the road outside the cell , Wanda strong and affectionate Yuan Ni hiding on the truck , and suddenly an earthquake. To save the child, Wanda strong dead, small board and a small one floor up is the same pressure on both sides , no matter what people want to save half , must give up the other. Yuan Ni chose the small frail little brother up , but little sober mother board heard the decision made ​​. After the earthquake, Yuan Ni raising his son alone , decide to be strong to live , the surviving soldiers MINORITIES are a couple of small board adoption, entering a whole new world. Daughter , siblings from far apart ......


Language:	Mandarin

Subtitles:	English