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After months of good service, Filejoker is FAILING again

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by Senior Idol, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Senior Idol

    Senior Idol Active Member

    Today five of my downloads, 1.5 gb each, FAILED before they could finish. I lost 7.5 GB of my limit for nothing. Filejoker has been fast and reliable for a long time, but it looks as though they have gone back to their old, poor service, taking customers' money and giving them nothing in return.

    Senior Idol
  2. Senior Idol

    Senior Idol Active Member

    Three days later, some downloads are still getting slower and slower until they FAIL. Filejoker should not deduct the size of the file from customers' limit when downloads fail.

    Senior Idol
  3. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    in announcements there is a thread where you can mention all your woes there, and filejoker will help you
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  4. wwilk

    wwilk Active Member

    I see filejoke is at it again. All over a sudden my dl speeds have been decreasing now under 100kbs when 2 wk. ago I was averaging in the 5mbs range. They will try to blame my isp but I have 200mbs cable that has no data caps.
  5. wwilk

    wwilk Active Member

    Now DL speed of about 85 kbs. I see they still have not gotten their act together. I pay $19.00 USD per month for this garbage. I doubt that I will renew my premium.
  6. Senior Idol

    Senior Idol Active Member

    Not long after I started this thread back in 2018, my speeds improved and stayed fast, UNTIL I renewed my membership two weeks ago (over $150 US through Paypal). Now the speeds are miserably slow again. Right now I have one video downloading at less than 20kbs (that's KILOBYTES) with an estimated completion time of 14 hours for the 1.2gb remaining. I had excellent speeds, I REPEAT, until I renewed for a year, and then Filejoker killed my speeds. I am thinking of filing a protest with Paypal. With coronavirus shutting the world down, I may need that money for survival.
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  7. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Also post this below: