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30,651 committed suicide in 2011, NPA reports

Discussion in 'News' started by ardo, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. ardo

    ardo Member

    TOKYO —
    The number of people who took their own lives in Japan in 2011 was 30,651, the 14th consecutive year the figure has exceeded 30,000, the National Police Agency said in a white paper released Friday.

    The white paper said there was a spike in suicides between April and June following the March 11 disaster, Sankei Shimbun reported. In May last year, 3,375 people killed themselves, more than 20% up on the same month a year earlier.


    “The whole of Japanese society was anxious after the disaster, and we suspect that to be a contributing factor,” said an official of the Cabinet Office, adding suicides in May were particularly high among men in their 30s.

    Last March’s quake and tsunami, which claimed 19,000 lives and sparked the world’s worst nuclear crisis in a generation, greatly hampered the Japanese economy and led to a surge in corporate bankruptcies. Police said this contributed to an increase in the number of suicides among people who were unable to find new jobs.


    Japan has one of the world’s highest suicide rates, according to the OECD.
  2. Aqua2213

    Aqua2213 New Member

    This must be an honor kind of Japanese cultural action to commit suicide because you can not find employment.

    Can't you:

    Move in with mom and dad or a friend until you do find a job?

    Sign up for welfare and food stamps and have your cable bill paid for by the state?

    If these are not feasible then move out doors until you can get back on your feet later (Happened to me in 1998 for 7 months).

    It seems this is the American way (more and more).

    A job which boiled down, means "money" is not something to kill yourself over. Things change sometimes quickly sometimes slowly. Just have to hang in there.

    A saying I heard recently: "I have never heard someone say on their deathbed, "Gee, I wish I had spent more time at the office..""

    The suicides of the persons whose loved ones were taken away by the disaster I can understand, although the immensity of the amount of suicides is hard to fathom.

    I hope these suicides diminish soon.

    Oy vey... (from Wikipedia)

    DOUBLE EDIT: I wanted to post a pic of a sculpture of a suicide bomber (after the fact) created out of dark chocolate but I don't want to get suspended for something tasteless..although on the other hand quite tasty!
  3. prophetomega

    prophetomega Smut Hunter

  4. Xcaliber9999

    Xcaliber9999 Member

    I know I shouldn't be saying this since I don't know their feelings or conditions they live in but - These people are so weak *sigh*

    We all know life's road is always bumpy and sometimes it goes through the tunnels of hell but suicide means giving up. Life is too precious to through away like this. I called them weak because it takes real courage to live on then simply dying means giving up.

    Those who have taken their own life - RIP
  5. jakeweiq

    jakeweiq Member

    btw if anyone wanna know, the pic OP linked is part of the sculptures at Boat Quay depict activities carried out on the banks of Singapore River in the 19th century and early 20th century..
    it is depicting children having fun time dipping into the river for a swim before it is off-limit for tourist boats..
    not suicide related mind you...:exhausted:
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2018
  6. ardo

    ardo Member

    ...nice catch, Jake. The pic was labeled both under suicide and Boat Quay while searching. I shouldn't have used it, but it is a very powerful piece of artwork that can be seen different ways.

    Dude, I'm so sorry about your oldest sis.
    I'm sure everyone reading this thread feels the same way.:bow-pray:
  7. TravelingWind

    TravelingWind That Bastard


    Let's see you live through a life like they do! As soon as they can read and write they're stressed out to get into a good middle school ,from there they're pressured to get into a good high school from there they're pressured to get into the top universities ,then on top of that they have a giant fear of rejection ,coupled with the social stigma of having a low paying job, not being married by 30 and A GIANT EARTHQUAKE .A TSUNAMI A FUCKING NUCLEAR DISASTER

    I'm surprised the numbers weren't higher
  8. anigu

    anigu Game Maker

    I was in the impression of Japan having high suicide rate so cannot say this comes as a shock to me. Also:
    I don't think the nuclear disaster is a big factor in this as it is the 14th year already.
  9. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    It amazes me to see people in wealthy countries throw away their lives when people in 3rd world countries that are practically starving to death and seen all kinds of horrors hang on to their lives.
  10. Xcaliber9999

    Xcaliber9999 Member

    Thanks man ! You basically said what I was planning on replying. Well its seems I don't have to anymore
  11. CFUD

    CFUD Member

    Try walking a mile in their shoes. Go on, just try it.
    You've never been there, you cant give baseless criticism like that.

    What you did is like, telling a crystal meth addict to just quit.
    Wanting to kill yourself is probably the lowest point of their lives, a last resort. You know NOTHING. Don't call people weak because you have it good and can't empathize.
  12. voltesv

    voltesv Well-Known Member

    to whom are you responding to?

    the numbers are high and this is so sad. suicide for me is stupid thing to do. not brave and not really honorable. its just trying to escape your problems in this world.

    this type of suicide is different from suicide rescue missions. those are honorable and this is not.
  13. voltesv

    voltesv Well-Known Member

    if they are not misguided by their friends and family, i do think they are weak. oh well we dont know. i feel sorry for them. it is sad