2000~2005 movie


Aug 24, 2015
Hello there!

Well, about 10 years ago, I got a nice AV from some p2p software. Unfortunately, one of my external HD crashed, and I've lost this movie too :(

With some recovering tool, I was able to get some parts of that movie. Here are some screencaps attached.

I don't know the actor or title of movie, so it's terribly hard to find. Is there someone who could help?


I'd say it has been released between 2000 and 2005.
It's quite funny, that's why I liked it and kept it.

Scene 1:

Guy and girl (quite busty) are fucking on a table of a living room while the 2 other girls are watching. The fucked girl may wear red lingerie; and other girls around table are wearing casual clothes.
They looked a little embarassed to see this couple fucking just in front of them.
One of the girl watching may be a little Nao Oikawa lookalike (but I don't think it's her).

Scene 2:

This a a 4P, where there is the 2 girls (who were previously only watching) with 2 guys on bed in bedroom.
After the "Nao lookalike" girl gave a blowjob, the guy is like "nah, I don't want to fuck you", so the girl try to catch him to be fucked ^^.

Has someone ever seen this movie or know one of the actress name?

At the top of the first pictures, I can see a website exctingangel, but doesn't seem to exist anymore. I don't know if it was the studio.

Thanks a lot !!