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  • All of your posts with the 7 day no mirror posts are good enough to start a thread.

    Yeah even finding your started threads will only show some and not all.

    You make good releases bro, it sucks when I miss your stuff. Im sure other members would like the idea of a thread for you .

    Food for thought :shake:
    Yipman, pal, you should really start your own thread in the JAV download section and get it stickied by coolkevin, he would do it in a heartbeat. It would make finding every post u have made easier since clicking on your post history only brings up 250 and every time u post something new the last thing on the list comes off and also the search function is buggy sometimes not showing up something u upload for like a day or 2.

    Yipmans uploads thread. I would really like to keep up to date with every post you make. :cry5:
    :hihi: Yipman do you have AUKS-030? (all links are dead)......
    ...just one thing...uploadable premiun its great!..but i try to extend my premiun account one more month...but i can´t...im wait and try later or what its the problem?...do you know something about this?
    Hi...I try with your link and nothing!:huh:....but i try today in official website and finally i can buy a 1 month of premiun....sorry for dont use your link...:pick:
    Hi yipman..I have a question...yesterday I try to buy a 1 month of uploadable premiun...but i cant! i dont know why!? I put all my data and then click in "Register now"...and nothing happens.....:huh:
    Thanks for the info Yipman...!:hugethumb:
    if Ryushare never comeback...who do you think which will be the main host in akiba-online??
    hi Yipman , may i request some lesbian movies :)
    KUF-10006 and KUF-10013
    lesbian topic not allow id request so i'm sorry if my vm bother u , and also for my very bad english :beg2:
    thanks :)
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