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    It is straight MeGUI and the script is simply a frame doubler. It inserts a frame in between...

    It is straight MeGUI and the script is simply a frame doubler. It inserts a frame in between intermediate frames. It works really well but has some quirks that could be worked out. It is neither QTGMC or TGMC. The audio has to be muxed after the encoding is completed as well.
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    A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey

    I will admit I have downloaded many albums illegally but once I realize I like the music, I usually go out and purchase the actual album + others. I downloaded one of the Girls Generation album and listened to the whole thing and I realized I loved it. A month later, I deleted the album and...
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    Windows 8

    Where I work, all the systems run on Linux Tiny-Core but man they boot up fast and some systems have been on since the company opened up 6 years ago ... I wouldn't dare reboot those, lol.
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    Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install

    I'm staying with Windows 7. I purchased Windows 8 installed it and got rid of it quick and went back to the 7. Windows 8 is still lying and from the time I used it about 1 month, I realized that this operating is only good for mobile devices with touch screens ... it is not good for gaming and...
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    Good premium anime streaming sites?

    NetFlix, lol!
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    So I May Have Been Scammed...

    When you run a business always put in a disclaimer to protect yourself. Make sure the buyer understands the refund policy "if any" with out a disclaimer, your screwed. Running a business is tough, you'll always have b@$%# ass customers like these coming your way and the more you ascend up the...
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    Life-sized Dolls

    AHAHAHAH!!!!! Dude, I need to download this, is this available at Akiba some where? LOL!!!!
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    [UPBH-20057] New Beginning of Girls' Generation Music Video DVD and Two Others

    I have these girls as my desktop wallpaper, never knew that this is what they were. I found them on desktopnexus, wow small world this is.
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    Akiba-Online: What attracted you and what made you stay?

    What attracted me was the kind people here in Akiba. Here, we don't have admins who try to delete our accounts if we become inactive for a while or try to delete our accounts because we don't contribute. When I download a torrent, I contribute by helping seed as much as I can. Some other...
  10. X is finally shut down, probably has been for some time now!!

    This was a Russian site that featured very beautiful models but due to their notorious WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE ever, finally it consumed them and they had to shut down. I remember ordering from these people and at one point, they even kept my money, they never completed any customs and...
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    Life-sized Dolls

    Wow that is cheap compared to the tremendous detail put into the doll. I would have expected $3k to $10k. The only way I would buy would be if I lived alone in an apartment and I would have it ship overnight during the night, lol.
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    Life-sized Dolls

    HOw much is that in dollars? lol
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    Life-sized Dolls

    I would buy one but if someone found it...I don't think I could handle an event like that.
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    What games are you playing?

    Alien Vs. Predator 2010
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    No more children, please!

    The answer is they aren't children, completely different scenario.