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    These are some really good jav thanks for your effort :perfectplan:
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    Learning Japanese is tough~

    Thanks a bunch guys! hopefully I will be able to have conversations with you all in nihon soon! Nihon = japanese?:stress:
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    Learning Japanese is tough~

    I don't even know the basics so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on some books or videos that I could start with. I'm starting classes soon and I want to get a head start!:study:
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    Watch out for cute Japanese girls - or - Shit happens!

    I thought he was referring to a suppository :puzzled:
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    Hello everyone

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    I have noticed:nosebleed: and thank you for the welcome
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    Thank and nice to meet you. :hi:
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    I'll make this brief. I found this site while looking for AV torrents and liked it! Also trying to learn japanese and what better way then to watching hot chicks :inlove2: thanks for all the post everyone!