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  • yeah you are right, props for identifying them :) I thought it was kind of hard to do that.
    Hi! I have there are two sellers that post here and that I trust. One of them, akiba-new.net, you have to have Ryushare premium to download. The other, JAVAkiba.org, has host options. And yes, there are a ton of scammers. Some websites post same password-protected RAR files for all their vids, so if they're the same size, you know it's fake.
    There's a possibility it will break sometime down the line. Just make sure you get a good, decent hard drive and take care of it. And watch out for the clicking noise that is the sound of death for hard drives. As soon as you hear that, time to move to another hard drive. That's the best advice I can give. Good luck!
    Hello! External hard drives are the way to go. DVDs are too much trouble in my opinion.
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