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  • Hello,
    I add some movies on the wish list and it said “End of sale”. I think it’s just end of discount period but it’s actually deleted from the site. What is the reason ? and those movies will come back to sell later or not ? Really want some backs such as original collaboration of Eimi fukada.
    If I choose the HD download option and download the file to save in my Harddisk.
    Then I disconnect from internet,
    can I still play the download file without login to R18.com website and disconnect from internet ?
    Hi I'm trying to find IPZ-833 on R18.com but no luck. Why you do not have that specific title in your site?
    This movies has been retired from sell from all the sellers in Japan.
    I seem to remember a site called SA18. Any relation to R18?
    I can't find anything about it. I have a file on an old HD with that name and a bunch if videos.
    Never hear about SA18. No relation with us
    Sir, 1st of all i would like to say sorry if this the wrong address, but since you have connectionwith DMM.CO.JP, i want to know, is there any chance that you know what happen with Takeda Yume ? Her twitter account suddenly left only 1 message, using google translate, i know that suddenly she can't attend the fans thanksgiving day, and also she is disappearing from SOD star line up, what happen with her ? thx
    Hi, were problems to open R18 with firefox reported recently ? Thanks!
    Hi! No, we did not get any complain about the site not working in Firefox.
    What kind of problem do you see?
    Hi, r18 admin
    can we download all the videos which is under subscribe single channel ?
    I have a question about SVDVD-434, they're no big orgy action like in the top left of the dvd cover, do you know where I can find that scene ?
    hello, are you the r18.com admin?
    I'm new to r18, just purchased some videos and everything works fine.
    I just wonder if there is anything like getting discounts if I buy a lot of videos?
    One more question, is it true that I only have to logon my r18 account details once before watching the video? After that I can watch it even though without internet connection forever?

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