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    What do you look for in a JAV IDOL?

    nice looking, nice moaning, to be like a chameleon passive agressive depending on the circumstance and uncensored
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    Kirara Asuka

    for me Kirara is one of my favorites jav actresses, she's so beautiful so perfect. i have downloaded all of her movies since she's been on the business (they are a few)
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    What I like about javs

    i like jav but i also like occidental porn (meaning usa, europe) what i like about jav the girls are pretty, look more innocent, they behave in a shy way, their little voices moaning are great stimulators, i guess jav is wider than occidental porn in variety of themed movies i also like...
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    well, i have many fetishes feet themed movies lesbian specially with strapon also saliva/cum swap and swallow anal/dp/boobjob/ i also like when girls keep their heels/sandals in the scene no matter what
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    chicks in uncensored jav

    well, at the beginning i thought girls from censured jav were cute and the ones from uncensured jav were ugly but now i don't think so i've started to get more uncensored but of course choosing the ones i like the most so if you look uncensured jav definetely you'll find what you want with...
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    fans of Sora Aoi must read this!

    well, i kind of understand how sora aoi drove you to do this it's really entertainning doing what you do so keep doing some more scripts ganbatte kudasai
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    your fav JAV model

    well as far as movies i have it would be Maria Ozawa or Tina Yuzuki (Rio) maria ozawa is super hot and she's kind of a jack of all trades , i mean she even received urine as for tina she's so cute and tiny