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  • If I may request these JUKD 598 667 685 761 726 715 and 819 from to akiba online. I hope my request would not offset your others upload schedule. Thank you
    Hi mx70, may i ask if you have UPSM-047 as i realised that you have been posting old videos from UPSM? Thank you in advance.
    Hi mx70, I noticed you have been uploading many videos from the mid-2000 era. I'm particularly interested in the 'Miss Lesbian Soap Girl ' series, for example DVPRN-033 you uploaded. i've been collecting them for years but is still missing DVPRN-017 and DVPRN-006. I used to have DVPRN-017 but lost it in a hardrive crash. would you happen to have those two? thanks for your efforts.
    MX -70 Sir Pls to continue to upload more classic JUKD series from onto akiba online Thk
    Hello mx70
    Thank you for uploading so many older JAV.
    May I ask you if you have any of these
    JUKD-042,JUKD-128,JUKD-485,JUKD-536 and MDYD-001
    Thank you for your efforts
    hi i will try to get it for you cheers
    Sir may I request if u can reup the missing file links 1 4 5 of GRYD-007 Five Cum Wife Was Nabla To Yama Thks
    Sir may I request if u can reup the missing part 4 of
    DBR-57 Yearbook 2011 Vol.2 RUBY posted on sunday
    i only short of the file to complete
    Sir May I request if U reup ONED-348 Ai Yuuki Sexy Legs Kos FUCK Barely 270 ° datafile link which was deleted. The previous link was referred to MIDD -543 Thank U
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