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    Troubled lives of Japan’s male porn stars

    Torrent plix! :evil:
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    Usenet - back to the future?

    That's false. It's not legal in any western countries, and not legal in Japan, see: Regardless, this is a thread about usenet and not the legality of CP.
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    Usenet - back to the future?

    SamKook is on point with everything! Some small additions: The "fact" that usenet gained popularity due to pedophiles is false. Usenet gained popularity by allowing people to download files easily, and services like that always attract bad apples. Getting busted for cp is different - it's a...
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    [Usenet] Various JAV (18Mar12)

    Awesome! It seems DV-1369 is broken, can you reup the nzb? :exhausted:
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    [USENET] ANND-001

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    [USENET] ANND-003

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    [Usenet] Assorted JAV (26Feb12)

    attaching nzbs for these! :joker:
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    [Usenet] LADY-085

    AW YES! :notagain:
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    [Usenet] Chinese & Thai Girls Getting Naked

    This is nice, much appreciated!
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    Usenet - back to the future?

    We probably hang around in different spaces - I use nzb index sites and not forums. All the major sites like Newzbin, nzbmatrix and offer direct nzb downloads to make it easier for users to get the files. In the end, you still need the nzb file, making people go to a third-party...
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    Usenet - back to the future?

    I appreciate your effort to upload JAV films to usenet, but not sharing the nzb file is a huge mistake. Usenet search engine sites tend to disappear, and with usenet retention extending into the 1300+ days range it's very unlikely that the search sites will be around 3-4 years after posting...
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    Usenet - back to the future?

    This needs to happen. I feel the real problem is lack of users in the Usenet space. There's just much fewer of us than torrent users, and the interest in JAV content isn't that big as a result... :notagain:
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    JK tag?

    Anyone know what the JK tag means? As in:
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    Usenet - back to the future?

    Can confirm this site gives you access. It works well! I would advise against browsing raw usenet. You can find quite some javs here: (Remember XSUsenet only has 400 days retention, so some old stuff might not be available.)
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    [Usenet] The big usenet JAV thread!

    The links, they are incoming! :grassdance: COT-010 - Mother Daughter Vomit Tohjiro DMS-261 - Extreme bondage piss DMS-265 - Forest blowjobs and indoor sex DMS-266 - Cute girl extreme bondage DMS-267 - Shaving into creampie sex DMS-268 - Shave Into Creampie Gangbang