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    School bullying by lesbians in JAV

    . Hello, Maxik84; allow me to refer you to a thread I cooked up long ago... Posts in particular, this one, and this other one on the first page. (There may be other goodies interspersed throughout.) In addition, another thread that touches on similar themes, although not necessarily of the...
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    Insecure connection

    . Worked like a charm. This problem has been plaguing me for a week, I spent hours trying to overcome it, and who would'a thought it would be a fine member of Akiba-Online to come up with the solution. (In fact, Pikuseru, I paid attention to what you wrote in your prior post. I searched for...
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    Can anybody ID her, please?

    . Oh, I know that feeling... usually with my big mouth, I can spend all the time in the world composing my answer, and then right after I've posted it, I get beaten to the punch. It has happened to me a million times. But in this case, there's no "bummer." Your amazing legend has grown...
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    Can anybody ID her, please?

    . (Another stream for this: Here is an I.D. thread where someone asked the same question, and two provided the reply: Rie Tachikawa One posted this picture. Looks like an excellent resemblance to me. Here is Rie in...
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    Insecure connection

    . Ah! See, I just prepared to make a post about this subject, and I see good old Pikuseru was on top of it. This may be more than a coincidence, perhaps, given that more than one person has recently run into it... so there may be more to this than first appears? I have not been able to get on...
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    Photos That GRAB Your Attention!

    . We love beauties, but we get especially tickly when there is a bevy of them... as we see above. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Hello, kitty! We Found Schoolgirls With Big Asses Stuck in Elevators and Piston-Fucked Them 2 - Full of Embarrassing Pranks [RCT-667], starring Satomi Nomiya, Yuzu Miyama and...
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    ID from IENE-637

    . Hello, @liuano ; the reason why you have not have received an answer was probably because you "piggybacked" your question. Always a good idea to begin a new I.D. thread, for a new question as yours. The woman you are asking about appeared in the first scene of this movie: The cast list...
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    Please Help:D

    . Welcome to Akiba-Online, Micgti. Always a good idea to put up frame grabs as you smartly did on this other I.D. thread of yours... and as I helped you with yet another of your I.D. threads which (thanks to teamwork) led to the identification. The video or GIF link should be provided as a...
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    Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

    . Don't know about the rest of you, but how thrilling that Mr. Mago is back with us (at least for the time being... after an absence), to work his magic. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ With thanks to Blah13, today I received the unhappy news that Reiko Sawamura has called it quits. The news has made me...
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    "Japanese MILF Teacher Brutally Violated in Park..."

    . One of the first JAVvy things I was exposed to was a scene entitled, "Japanese MILF Teacher Brutally Violated In Park By Maniacs." (The video link.) I see it has been reproduced in a million other sites under that title. I happened to run into it again, and got a curiosity as to which movie...
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    Photos That GRAB Your Attention!

    . (Thanks to @Radaogapgap ) .
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    Need help identify this movie

    . It's the amazing Mr. Mago! .
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    JAV Idol name?

    . I bumped into another "Braless Neighborhood Wife When she Took the Trash Out" series with "I Bumped Into A MILF With No Bra At The Dump - Nailing Her In Such A Filthy Place Got Me Strangely Excited"...
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    Hey guys, thanks for identification last time. Need some help again please.

    . Title begins as, "Alone With a Good-Looking Guy in a Semen Collection Room! A Middle-Aged Nurse Was Caught Off Guard ..." and that made me stop. Lady above is "middle-aged"?? Hello, TehAznDork; I see from one of your past I.D. threads (about a year ago) you had Gentleman CodeGeek reveal the...