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    Sakura Aida Pregnant! あいださくら妊娠!

    Nice video. I find it a bit sad, that a young mother like her does AV, but nevertheless do I want more and hope she will do many more movies.
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    [MDED-383] Inside A Treasure

    Please upload part 2! Thanks.
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    Discussion about DMM website

    Same here Thanks that someone posted this question. I have the same problem. Hope someone will find a solution to this problem.
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    DMM.R18 region blocked now?!

    @javhoarder: Works fine for the moment. Merci beaucoup.
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    Sakura Aida (あいださくら)

    Did she ever perform a rimjob? Did she ever lick ass in a movie? If so, in which movie?
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    Did Sakura Aida ever rim a guy?

    ... if so in which movie? I can't remember but I think someone mentioned here she did lick ass in one movie. Thanks.
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    JAV for my girlfriend

    aquamarine is right First try to watch Softcore with your gf. Most girls prefer this anyway. It shouldn't be a BJ movie or anything extreme. Creampies are ok, though.
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    Watching JAV with girlfriend

    We've got pretty much in common, except I'm 26 and with a chinese girl. She's pretty conservative,. But she's no problem with me watching JAV. I showed her some pictures of my favs. She told me that she doesn't like cute teens, but slutty women, with breasts on the bigger side when I asked her...
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    What's this fetish called?!

    Sounds hot. The only vid I can remember is Sakura Sakurada in - Squirt Tunnel Adventures. She got creampied in the morning by 3 or 4 dudes, put her clothes on fucked the next guys, and so on and on. All day long she took creampies without showering. At one point in the movie, she's sitting on...
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    Sakura Aida (あいださくら)

    She is what she is This girl is a whore. I experienced, that the most innocent looking girls are the most open-minded. She may look like some shy teen, but hey, she undressed herself and showed her butt to everyone at the ge of 16. And 17. And 18. This girl's getting money for sucking on...
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    Why do Americans find tatoos, fake breasts, and anorexia attractive?

    I hate don't like fake breasts or tatoos (for 99 per cent). But frankly, I have a fellow student, she's american-chinese and has a huge tatoo all over her back. Because this is China, she looks really slutty in comparison to all these innocent looking girls in class. And I would lick her feet...
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    Imagine cumming on your woman's body and lick it up - your own sperms..

    Hope you're sure you were the first guy that day. Otherwise....:gayprance: I haven't done it yet. But I'd do it, if hte girl says I could spill it in her mouth and she'd swallow it.
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    Oral Pleasures in Asia

    Wll, when I came to Asia (and read about it) it was on my "Things I'd like to do"-list too. But I felt it was quite embarassing. And I felt for the girl (who looked exactly like Tsubomi, i swear). So after about 10 seconds I stopped it. After I CIM I talked to her (I speak chinese quite...
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    Oral Pleasures in Asia

    First, thanks for your reply. As for Saunas: They blow you without condom, and they don't cover their tongue. Sometimes they use an ice cube in their mouth while licking your behind (maybe to make their tongue numb).
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    How do you organize your JAV collection

    I only have avis or wmv vids. I do name all files like: Actress - Title [code], such as "Chihiro Hasegawa - Gothic Lolita with Semen Vol.3 [GHD-003]". I have alot of data DVDs and it's always a pain in the ass to find a single movie, because there are mostly 3 on one DVD. I tried to put...