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    Looks really good. I don't know who this model is - any ideas? Box say's Madonna Anyone know of other work she has done?
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    What jav is this from?

    I agree - I seldom click on links. If there isn't an image I can't be bothered.
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    FileJoker slow download?

    Its not just you. Filejoker is slow and it sucks
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    Gyaru (Gal) Appreciation

    The top one is Nikoru Ishihara. I don't know the other one
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    Olympic Nip Slip

    Apparently the female figure skater from S Korea had a wardrobe malfunction with her tiny little red skating dress and her top. There is video but its hard to get. Maybe someone can help...
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    Fuck a random Asian girl in street

    What do you want a room for? You just said you wanted to fuck her in the street - so go for it!
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    [DVDES-355] Guerrilla weapons Nampa city streets Magic mirror flight Zushi Shonan

    Bump Still hoping for a re-up if someone has it
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    [DGC]2011年12月號 No.990 桜りお Sakura Rio

    My all time favorite JAV idol. She is so fucking pretty!
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    Do Japanese girls look bad without makeup?

    I am glad they invented make up
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    Please Help with the ID of this actress any info will help.

    Not sure if they are both the same girl - maybe. The picture on the left I'm sure is Minami Hirahara (one of my fav's) These are screenshots from KIDM-335, but she did do a couple JAV too
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    How to save gif's on Twitter???

    Here is the "Japan Girl" page: You will see the first several posts are pics or gifs, then around a dozen posts down there is an mp4 (I think b/c there is a time counter). There are tons of twitter accounts like this Thanks very much for your input!
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    How to save gif's on Twitter???

    Yes, you are correct, many of them are in fact mp4's, but there are also a lot of gifs too. If its an mp4 there is a circle with a play arrow in the middle, if its a gif it says so on the lower left corner. I should have mentioned that I use Opera for a browser, I tried what you said but that...
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    How to save gif's on Twitter???

    Been surfing twitter lately and there are some awesome gifs posted here and there. Not the 5 second ones you often see on many sites, but 20 or 30 second ones - even longer. I tried right-clicking but nothing comes up that works. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks, Fezzie
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    Internet Freedom Act (USA only)

    Sadly, I know it's too late. In this highly overcharged political climate, New World Order types were successful into making this Rep Vs Dem thing and many ill-informed people chose sides based solely on ideology without researching it on their own. There is literally NOTHING now that can stop...
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    Brazilian-Japanese Girls Anne Midori aka Yumi Saito She is a super hottie, but was a star long ago