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    [mp4/8.30 GB]DVDES-794 究極の中出し近親相姦企画 最愛の息子に伝えたい… 妊娠させるための性教育 8

    I'm in an alternate universe because it's March 22, 2017 here and there are 0 seeds. :-)
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    Before You Post That Request! Include a DVD Code!

    I don't know where the best thread is to ask this (and feel free to delete) but: Where can I inquire about a JAV DVD when I know next to nothing about it? :oops: Referring to your Numbered List, 1: The correct DVD code. I don't have it. 2: A clear image or sample of the title or...
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    I'm sorry but

    OK, I realize that I know little of torrents as a technology, as well as how this site functions... I just feel like 90% of the torrents I'm leeching/seeding stop very quickly the past few weeks... and I feel like if I haven't modified my uTorrent settings, that means the seeders are flaking...
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    I'm sorry but

    ...the seeding on Akiba in the past 2-3 weeks has been very frustrating. I don't know if I'm a good seeder or not, but I Up at least what I down (try to hit 1.5x) and provide 100% of my ISP's upload bandwidth. Lately it's as if people post something and seed for 20 minutes and quit seeding...