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    Moving to Japan

    *If you're not from a commonwealth country, then you'll need a degree OR 7 years related experience in the position that the company is sponsoring you to do. *If you ARE from a commonwealth country and under 30, you can get yourself a working-holiday visa which, depending on your skill level and...
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    Tipping in Japan

    If you leave a tip in a restaurant, the staff will follow you outside and down to the station to give it back to you.
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    Suggestions for things to do in Japan?

    Go to the top of the Tokyo Tower first, then go to the top of the Tokyo Sky Tree second. Check out Asakusa and Sensoji temple, that's a block from my old apartment. Take a walk through Minami-Senju for a more modern feel of Japan and Japanese community. That's where my studio is located. Go to...
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    How can a tourist get laid with young japanese girl?

    Or he could.. y'know... just go and use his 'charm' (BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!)
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    Do Japanese play online game similiar like Counterstrike

    I'd be happier if they learned at Nova to be perfectly honest.
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    Do Japanese play online game similiar like Counterstrike

    Because you're creepy and I wouldn't subject you to people. That's not an insult, just a direct observation based on your behavior and photos you've been posting.
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    Photos from Japan

    Probably a pre-emptive strike ;) Unsmiling guy asking for photos... yea.... I'd be telling him I was married AND had a yeast infection just to add another layer of creeper-protection up there.
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    Do Japanese play online game similiar like Counterstrike

    Yep, I know quite a few.
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    Should I learn Japanese until high fluency to tackle Japanese girls?

    I agree with shaned. If you learn Japanese to try try and meet girls, that's like some middle-east fuck-whit on facebook sending marriage invitations to every girl in his contact list. Girls in Japan like guys who don't speak Japanese because they are more 'western'.
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    Do Japanese play online game similiar like Counterstrike

    Several I know play Xbox online games and a few play PS4 online too. Computer gaming isn't popular, however console gaming is.
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    Legality of U15 films outside Japan

    Just a heads-up... a guy a couple years older than I, who I actually went to school with for several years, was caught with male U15 videos. Went to jail for a year in Canada, is now classified as an offender and is no longer allowed to access a computer for anything other than mandatory work...
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    Would AV actresses have a happy future?

    I talk to one ex-actress on a daily basis that is pregnant, has been married for 5 years and is very happy. So... yea, women DO have normal lives after leaving the JAV industry.
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    Gals Paradise (Japanese Race Queen Magazine)

    It's in this section dude...
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    JAV stars working at an escort service in Osaka!!!!

    And keep in mind, most places in Tokyo are a no-go for anyone non-Japanese.