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  • Hello aikonhey, thanks for the great posts! It seems that the links in Page 2 of Asami's thread are down. ;-; sorry to bother you!
    Hello, do you have these Idol Photo:
    [Graphis] Calendar 每日一枚 2016.04,
    [Graphis] Calendar 每日一枚 2016.05,
    [Graphis] Calendar 每日一枚 2016.10,
    [Graphis] Calendar 每日一枚 2016.11,
    [Graphis] Calendar 每日一枚 2016.12,
    [Graphis] Calendar 每日一枚 2017.01,
    [Graphis] Calendar 每日一枚 2017.02,
    [Graphis] Calendar 每日一枚 2018.08,…
    Hello, aikonhey.
    I asked you to re-share seto airi's cosdoki vids(瀬戸愛莉 cosdoki 15 vids) and lovepop files (瀬戸愛莉 lovepop 7 vids and photoset 05) previouly and you commented ok. So I waited for your re-up but nothing was re-uploaded.
    Would you please re-share seto airi's files I noted? I'm really sorry to bother you but I couldn't find those files at any sites except here. Please help me.Thank you.
    Hello, aikonhey.

    Would you please re-up seto airi's cosdoki vids and lovepop files?
    I really want those files but they are expired already.
    I'm sorry to bother you.

    Thank you.
    Can you take a look of these GRAPHIS collections? It looks like can not found in AKIBA and difficult to find through search engines.

    希島あいり Airi Kijima
    湊莉久 Riku Minato
    初川みなみ Minami Hatsukawa
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    立花はるみ Harumi Tachibana
    長瀬麻美 Mami Nagase
    彩乃なな Nana Ayano
    涼川絢音 Ayane Suzukawa
    夏希みなみ Minami Natsuki
    葵 Aoi
    市川まさみ(DVD)Masami Ichikawa

    上原亜衣 Ai Uehara spring special 2015 - [Allure]
    Any chance you could reupload st1_rei2_01? Hard drive failed and I'm trying to rebuild my collection. This is the only one I'm missing. Thank you
    Excuse me. Could u tell me the original link/website of Tokyo-hot adult photos? I just wanna find more photos except the resources you shared in this forum. I did not find more about it on the Internet. Thank you.
    [LOVEPOP] 2018-09-09 Gravure No.43 - Tsubasa Haduki 葉月つばさ Photoset 02
    [LOVEPOP] 2018-09-13 Gravure No.43 - Tsubasa Haduki 葉月つばさ Photoset 04
    could you reupload files above? these are now premium only. thanks.
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