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  1. I recently subscribed to Keep2share and downloaded several titles that i have only found on sites using Keep2share as a file host. The problem is my MacBook does not recognize the avi files that are downloaded. I have downloaded codecs and DIVX products to help, but no luck. Even file converter apps will not recognize these files(I even tried 2 different website- same files using Keep2share). Never had this problem with Ryushare or DepositFiles or NovaFiles- they always open- if not on Quicktime at least with VLC player. Anyone know anything about this? I have emailed Keep2share support team, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Post a link to one of the file that don't work
  3. Thanks for replying- downloaded several files from this site(also both use keep2share. They all download fine, but I cannot open them once downloaded and cannot convert them. Here is the link to one particular movie I could not find on another filehost but keep2share:二面性のある女〜模範と背徳寮母は不思議なメ/

    I would really appreciate the help if you could come up with anything. In any case, thanks for the reply.
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    Both sites are knowing for posting fake videos
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  6. thanks to all who replied- it is exactly as someone on the thread listed- the movies I attempted to download were only available from a list of websites that are all handled by CAMELHOST SIA out of latvia. After some research, I found a listing of sites that they host- that list is at this link: I contacted keep2share directly, and they claimed they were not involved with uploading-only hosting. Sure enough, i found some other keep2share files from legitimate sites, and they downloaded and opened fine. Thanks again. I am going to contact keep2share and alert them to these sites- all of which utilize keep2share as a file host.
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    Keep2Share is slow at anytime, any day where I live in southern California, and I have 20Mbps speed of at least 2.6 mb/sec downloads from my isp, this filehost sucks! I rather spend my money on Rapidgator, Filom, Uploaded, where my speed is that of what I get for downloads