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hai vaampy, sorry to bother. do you think you will be able to reupload download link for AUKG-391, AUKG-396, AUKG-398 AND AUKG-399.
Hi mate. Is it possible to re-upload MKDV-138? I would be very thankful. And thanx for your effort, here and other websides. I apreciate that very much. Love the older JAV-Stuff.
please do you have this movie MAJ-1001 between Hitomi Enjo and Ikumi Kondo. please i want to download this movie
Hi I have a question. I have been using both notebook++ and pytransciber.
I use pytranscriber to cut the video into 10 minutes increments, so it can capture the subs and timing.

My question. Is there a way to input the new time, so subtitleEdit or notepad++ can change it to match the rest of the subs? Automatically?
Or do I have to do it manually? I hope you understand my question.