VivaJapan - Video Management Application


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Mar 26, 2007
Thanks for the feedback!

Adding a configurable thumbnail size should be possible but needs to be done in the C# code, right now I think the value is hardcoded.
If I remember correctly, the .css only determines the size/room the image takes up on the page.

Tags are keywords in the filename that will be preserved if found and re-added after renaming.
Sorry if the documentation is a bit thin, perhaps an actual manual would be a good thing at this point!

Codes are case sensitive as there are some codes that are case sensitive like the idol-001 -> idol-111 series from idol factory, I guess an option for case insensitive could be added though?

It seems like you have two extension types in one filename, if they are the same it would seem better to just go for one of them? Any particular reason you need both? o_O

Adding a buttons and/or hotkeys to switch between my videos/database should be possible in the future.
Perhaps "My Videos" should also be renamed to something like Library to be more consistent with Plex etc?

The thumbnail generation and caching should probably be done in background threads/on demand rather than during startup.

LibreOffice calc is the preferred way currently, other methods could be added but it gets complicated as VivaJapan supports multiple .csv databases, you would have to indicate which database to add new entries to etc, or merge them all into a common db. I guess it would also be possible be to add a json api for creating/updating/deleting/reading(searching) data, that way people could also create their own clients using VivaJapan as a backend server.

As for the future, I think it would be nice to add support for a MAUI gui-client, you can read more about it here:

Perhaps also turn it into a single page Blazor web-application instead of reloading the page each time like it currently does.

I'll see what I have time for later this year, possibly put out a smaller update earlier with some of your request earlier if I can find time for it!


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Aug 30, 2016
Awesome to hear! The reason I have a few files with 2 extensions is because a large portion of my library is pulled from streaming sites. I think one of my old downloaders would sometimes include the source video file type in the name while saving as a different format.


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Oct 25, 2020
hi im about to try this application is this still the most current one and option for displaying covers and collections in one space? i have a small obsession / interest with sorting things into neat applications (i honestly think its some kind of weird OCD). Thanks for all the hard work!