Twin ? look a like ? or simply 1 person with 2 stage names ?

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Active Member
Jan 11, 2013
Guys, do Kawashima Nanami (川上奈々美 ) and Horikita Sakura (堀北さくら) are same person ? For me they look very simillar, like a twin... do u guys ever find same thing like this ? a different person with face very simillar in JAV industry ? Thank you


Well-Known Member
Jul 27, 2015
Nanami Kawakami has a very long, slender frame, and this other girl doesn't have that, judging from the pictures. She looks noticeably shorter.


Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
If the bodies are noticeably different, it would take a bit away from the "twin" effect... but I am reading now that Pukimai did stress the "face," and thanks to Casshern2's wonderful effort, those faces (and hair styles, too) do look remarkably similar.

The main thrust of this thread is intriguingly whether other examples of near-"twinnishness" may be pointed out, and I look forward to our experts who know so much about JAV ladies to rise to the challenge.



Akiba Citizen
Oct 23, 2012
I think would be better if we attach whole body pictures, not face only for comparison


Apr 25, 2008
Sorry. To my eyes, they do not look alike. Not even as sisters. The hair style may be similar. Nanami has a very unique look. Sakura has a generic cute look
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