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"Share" only! KUROSAWA Jennifer "Teen Samba" 黒沢ジェニファー「ティーンサンバ」DVDISO

Discussion in 'P2P Downloads' started by indreamsiwalk, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. indreamsiwalk

    indreamsiwalk with you...

    I don't do Share, so I have no idea if this hash is alive and working or not, but I figured some of you KUROSAWA Jennifer fans might be interested. I found it on 2chan. (For those of you who haven't read Dante's Inferno, 2chan is the second level of Hell. :bingo:)

    [DVDISO]黒沢ジェニファー ティーンのサンバDMSM_7323.ISO 4,246,398,976 2d49ae0b63b08505edce8df0726b6f9de016d35f

    I would appreciate it if someone could try it out and tell me if it works. If it doesn't, I'll delete this thread. I'd appreciate it even more if someone could upload a regular torrent or direct download. :please:

    You can see a teaser for this DVD here. :nosebleed:

    NOTE: I'm a Mac user, so I can't use Share and have no idea how to use it. Please don't ask me questions about what it is and how to use it. If you want to learn about it, start with the Wikipedia article:



  2. Glassjaw

    Glassjaw Miu > all

    Wow... this looks better than the other one!
    Is she part Brazillian, or something?
  3. toppy

    toppy New Member

  4. indreamsiwalk

    indreamsiwalk with you...

    Judging from the very small flag on her left nipple, I would say, yes, she's half Brazilian. :evillaugh:

    This does look better than the last one. Wish I could see it. :exhausted:
  5. Glassjaw

    Glassjaw Miu > all

    Ahh, lol, if only i'd just looked at her nipples more closely. :dozingoff:
    I'd thought that from the first one, and I must say it's a beautiful combination. :inlove:
  6. indreamsiwalk

    indreamsiwalk with you...

    She certainly is pretty (not to mention sexy) and wonderfully fleshy. :beautiful:
  7. ryuuga

    ryuuga みうみうの恋人 Super Moderator

    And also direct download for the avi version, hopefully...:grassdance:
  8. chompy

    chompy slacker Staff Member Super Moderator Emperor

    NB: There is a P2P downloads forum
  9. kurosawa

    kurosawa Member

    i've been looking for this one. how do i download it?
  10. indreamsiwalk

    indreamsiwalk with you...

    Umm... Maybe a good place to start would be the first message in this thread...? :exhausted:
  11. chompy

    chompy slacker Staff Member Super Moderator Emperor

    Just an FYI, there is an AVI version too.

    [IV] 黒沢ジェニファー - ティーンのサンバ (2007.10.25) [54m55s 640x480 XviD1.1.2].avi 880,204,206 549e9cb784c53a5638709c722d2879797d73054d
  12. Fadeout

    Fadeout Member

    The ISO linked above doesn't same to have many sources on Share, this one should work better:

    [DVDISO][IV]黒沢ジェニファー ティーンのサンバ.ISO
  13. delish

    delish New Member

    is threre is a torrent for the avi version, please post one
  14. Fadeout

    Fadeout Member

    Rectifying, my source "misses" the last 20Mb, so it's not complete even if more seeded.

    Now I'll try with the first ISO.
  15. bollocks2007

    bollocks2007 New Member

    Would someone be so kind us to share this file as a Torrent (excuse the pun), it's taken myself enough time to understand port forwarding in routers and the like.
    Is share the next in the evolutionary steps of peer sharing?
  16. sithlord13

    sithlord13 Member

    Yes for the love of ---, someone pls share this as a torrent or direct download.
  17. sithlord13

    sithlord13 Member

  18. goldwater

    goldwater New Member

    thank you a lot
  19. zhujiangboy

    zhujiangboy New Member