Scene 2 102313_005-caribpr Who is that actress??


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Jul 27, 2008
Hello community,

I'm really hoping to find out who this girl is so I can acquire more of her work. Thanks for any help! All I can provide is the name of the 1 movie I have with her in it and a couple of screenshots. I downloaded it here from the uncensored jav section. I've found a cast list for the film but I'm still not having any luck as I have trouble distinguishing where one name stops and the next one begins.

Here is the cast list I have found:

Caribbeancom Premium 102313_005 cute amateur collection

Cast: Lin Xiang Suzuki Kudo Mai Ayaka Takigawa Saijo Kazumi Imai Sayaka Sugiyama Asami asagi Rio Sawada Airi Konoe Misa tree Cashiers Yuko Arai Chihiro & Kagawa Ayami


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Nov 2, 2010
Let's say she is cute. :) As in my humble opinion her breasts are too small. ;)
By the way: I recommend to use JPG for images and not PNG. JPG is much smaller.