Sakunyuusha says hello


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Jan 27, 2008
I didn't realize we had one of these greeting forums until just now. Dunno who will be interested to read this, but here goes.

Miscellaneous Info
o Country: USA
o Languages spoken: English, Japanese (non-fluent; somewhere vaguely between JLPT 1 and JLPT 2, much much closer to JLPT 2)

Hentai Info[hide]
Favorite Authors: Hellabunna, Doi Sakazaki, Yasui Riosuke, Shinjugai (a.k.a. Takeda Hiromitsu), inoino, Bosshi, U.R.C, Amatarou, Azuma Tesshin, Drill Murata, Jingrock, Mitsuya, Tsutsumi Akari, Amai & Tomoe, Aoi Hitori

Favorite Specific Stories: Hellabunna's Rei: Slave to the Grind - Volume 1: Exposure and Inu - Volume 1: Murasaki, Yasui Riosuke's EroManga MitaiNa Koi Shiyou, Oohashi Takayuki's Tokumu Sousakan Asuka, Takeda Hiromitsu's Kaichou no Bukatsudou, Amano Ameno's Towarare no Swan Pink, inoino's Youkitan and Jubaku, Saikokko's Henshitsukei Shoujo, Aoi Hitori's Yamitsuki

Favorite Magazines: Megastore H, Kairakuten, Kairakuten BEAST, Penguin Club, Unreal, Slave Heroines

Favorite H-Animes: Rensa Byoutou, Hatsu Inu, Shin Ringetsu

Favorite Eroges: umm ... Brave Soul? ^^; (I haven't played that many). I enjoyed Infection 3 and am working on Ringetsu.

Favorite Themes: big breasts, seduction, "No becomes Yes", aphrodisiac usage, lactation, corruption/transformation into a demoness, body exchange, gender change (complete though! NOT futanari!)

Pet Peeves: when artists draw really ugly artwork that is seared into your brain X_x , extreme loli, and 4-page stories by fantastic authors and artists

Boobs or Butt? (乳か尻か) : definitely boobs (乳)

Maids or Nurses? : maids
H-Collector Info[hide]
Been Into Hentai: since Fall 2001
Been Into Doujinshi: since Fall 2003
Been Into collecting H-magazines: since 2006

Hentai Merchandise I Actually Own:
単行本 (11): Hidemaru - Mo-Retsu! Boin Sensei Vol 01, Iruma Kamiri - Gakkou no Himitsu, Doi Sakazaki - Nakadashier, inoino - Unrein, Doi Sakazaki - High Tension, Drill Murata - Aniyome Ijiri, Drill Murata - Chinetsu Karute, Kanmu Ryou - Sweet Dew, Takeda Hiromitsu - Tsundero, Bosshi - Mizugi Kanojo, Erect Sawaru - Injutsu no Yakata

同人誌 (1): LINDA - NaruLove 4
Posts I've Bookmarked[hide]
Posts of Mine For Which I Need Help[hide]
Tips For How To PhotoShop B&W Hentai
NHK Taiga Drama softsubs
Mojipittan song
Aida Mai's work
Top-notch Anime Fanart
VG/Anime fanart by famous hentai artists

international FAQ
Ringetsu (PC) translation project
Posts of Mine Which May Help Many People[hide]
why you can't undo a mosaic / censor in porn
conversion of file formats of large batches of images

JSL online resources ('JSL' means "Japanese as a Second Language")
showing people what hentai doujinshi and tankoubons look like in real life

international FAQ
Ringetsu (PC) translation project

TakayaKi - Musunde Hiraite
Akiyama Kenta - Sakigake Seitokai
Bishoujo Kakumei Kiwame
Sekiguchi Hiroki - 彼女の啼き声 (Kanojo no Nakigoe) (sample only)
Lagarto [英田舞 (Aida Mai)]
Posts or Threads Which I Simply Want On Hand[hide]
banning rape from hentai
how men can like futa but still be heterosexual
when what's erotic is different from what's romantic
US criminal case involving lolita hentai
US criminal case involving lolita hentai (2)
Infection 3

Don't post requests in Hentai Discussion!

where I tell people if/when I'm going away for a while

40 days

Other stuff (to sort out later)[/hide][/hide]


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Nov 8, 2006
A nice intro, welcome and enjoy your stay on Akiba-Online !


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Nov 16, 2006
Definitely the most thorough intro we've had!!

Thank you....

...and Welcome


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Mar 11, 2009
wow...i wish i can be so passionate about what u r doing. I am interested too but along the way, always busy with other things that make u forget about it until u open it again....


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Jan 27, 2008
I made some major changes to the post.

First, I took advantage of the knowledge I gained a little while back about the Hide/Show tag to make my post much more organized. Now it will hopefully not scare people away as much. ^^;

Second, I added a section I've been meaning to for a very long time: hyperlinks to threads. These are divided into three main categories: (1) threads where I'm seeking help, (2) threads where I'm providing help, and (3) other. I've linked people to the parent threads rather than to my specific posts because I feel it's important they read the thread from the very beginning, especially when it comes to discussions.

I did not update my Hentai Info section, so it may still be outdated (by 3-6 months). I may have made one or two quick alterations to it, but by and large I left it alone for now.


Jun 18, 2009
That is a ridiculously detailed late introduction. Wow. I'm impressed haha


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Jan 27, 2008
H-Anime Recommendations
For masturbating to,
1. Shin Ringetsu
2. Ikusa Otome Valkyrie (the new one)
3. Rensa Byoutou

For sitting back, watching, and enjoying with your pants on,
1. Kiss x Sis
2. Hatsu Inu

(to be updated later, with pictures and stuff)


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Jan 27, 2008
H-Manga Recommendations

New School:
Unrein, by inoino
Mizugi Kanojo, by Bosshi
Daisy, by Amatarou
TsunDero, by Takeda Hiromitsu

Aniyome Ijiri, by Drill Murata
Rei: Slave to the Grind, by Hellabunna

(to be updated later, with pictures and stuff)


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Jan 27, 2008
Alright. I wanted to share my interests with others but didn't want to do it anywhere else. If I hijacked a discussion thread, that'd be bad. If I posted these posts as threads of their own in Hentai Discussion, I thought it'd look arrogant. So I decided to do it in my own sandbox -- my Intro thread -- where so long as I'm not breaking the rules I can pretty much post whatever I want. ;p :) (Right? ^^; )

So, without further ado ...

July 2009 Stories I've Enjoyed

July 1 - 13 none, thread created on July 14th

July 14, 2009:[hide]
Title: "Imitation Family"
Author: 某人間 ("Bouninngen")
Magazine: Tenma 2009 07
Premise: an orphanage is in danger of being shut down. The oldest orphan, a teen who has developed into quite an attractive young lady, says that she'll do whatever it takes to keep the orphanage from being shut down. Little does she know ...

Title: 性教育的指導 (SeikyouikuTekiShidou, or "Sex Ed Instruction", guidance, discipline, しどう is sort of a mishmash of those concepts)
Author: Takoriina Man[???], たこりーな画[???]
Magazine: Masyo 2009 08
Premise: a P.E. teacher decides to give the class a little lesson in sex ed after one of his students precociously but falsely accuses him of sexual harassment[/hide]

July 15, 2009:[hide]
Title: 兄妹のスキンシップ (Kyoudai no Sukinshippu), or "Siblings' Skinship"
Author: EBA
Magazine: Bangaichi 2009 05
Premise: Eiko and her older brother are step-siblings. Their recently-remarried parents are on a trip together, leaving the two kids home alone. When her older brother suggests taking a bath together as a way of bonding, Eiko throws her video game controller at him and calls him an idiot. But just a few minutes later, she's singing a different tune. And several days after that ...? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself, now won't you? ;D

Title: Chapters 6 and 7 of Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2
Author: inoino
Magazine: Slave Heroines Volumes 12 and 14
Premise: the conclusion to everyone's favorite Nordic corruption story! You have to see it for yourself! And now you can! ;D[/hide]


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Jan 27, 2008
I get asked about my avatar pretty often. The original picture is attached below. Here's some additional information:

Artist: 水素 (English: Suiso, "Hydrogen")

Title: キスショット (English: Kiss Shot)

Character: I don't know who she is supposed to be, if anybody. To me, she resembles Shirona / Cynthia, the League Champion in the Pokémon games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Source: Pixiv

Artist's Pixiv Home Page
Image's Page


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Jan 27, 2008
I can no longer turn a blind eye to the mounting problem of what I believe to be sanctioned child pornography on Akiba-Online. Since I understand that a significant portion of the membership come to Akiba-Online in search of this material; and since I understand that many members of the staff are themselves in favor of keeping this material on the site; I have decided that I have no recourse but to formally withdraw from this community.

Ultimately, whether something is or is not pornographic is a matter of personal opinion. People have long debated, and will continue to debate, whether something can be pornographic without being erotic; or whether something can be perceived as pornographic without explicitly depicting sexual acts or behaviors. I mention this because you may not agree with my reasons for leaving. You may not agree that what I am accusing of being child pornography is, in fact, pornographic material in the first place. But ultimately, your opinions do not determine my comfort: my opinions do. It is whether I think something is pornographic or not, whether something is morally inappropriate or not, which guides me to make decisions such as this. And I believe that Akiba-Online, under the cover of an official "no child pornography allowed" policy, is protecting what amounts to soft-core child pornography. It has done this for a long time. I have turned a blind eye to this for a long time. But I can no longer turn that blind eye. I can no longer ignore the obvious truth of Akiba-Online's official stance versus its de facto stance with regards to child pornography. And I cannot, in good conscience, continue to be part of a community which endorses this sort of material.

One of chompy's visions for this community, one which I admired greatly when I first signed up here, was to form a community which welcomed people from all walks of life. No matter your race or creed, no matter your beliefs, no matter how peculiar your sexual tastes were, you were welcome here. It is, even now, a noble intention. However, I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot, and do not, believe that all sexual tastes are created equal; or that all sexual tastes which I do not share are to be treated similarly by me and by others. I may not like scat, but it is not morally offensive. I can condone it. I can say, "Let people who enjoy scat post here, free of ridicule or contempt." Their fetish, however peculiar and repulsive it may be to me, is not one which I would consider to be unethical. And I may not like BDSM, but it also is not morally offensive. But the question of child pornography, however softcore it may be, is an entirely different matter: for it is morally offensive, and is not to be brushed aside as "just another sexual preference." At least not to me, it isn't.

This post is meant as a means to explain my departure to those friends and acquaintances with whom I formed bonds during the past two and a half years as a part of this community. They deserve that much, and they are too numerous to be sent private messages individually. I understand that many snide remarks will undoubtedly be submitted in response to this post, but that I cannot help. It would be too inefficient, and I would fail to reach all of my colleagues, if I were to resort to private messaging.

Good luck to you. It was fun while it lasted.


Jun 22, 2010
Although I have not been part of the community too long and have not had a chance to get to know you as well as I may have liked - I have always enjoyed your intellectual takes on many subjects. I can appreciate your reasoning - I personally also take offense to the material in question, but I do not peruse the sections which contain it so I have no idea how widespread the problem may/may not be - But it is something I am sure you have seen as a cause of disdain over the course of the years you have been a member.

So from me - Good luck with all of your endeavours, stay safe and stay happy.


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Jan 27, 2008
I signed back in to reply to any replies that might have been sent my way. I do not intend to sign back in again.

I wish you well with all your endeavours, stay safe and stay happy. So until next time :byebye: and good journeys.
Thank you!

so are you really not coming back? will you be deleting your profile? which forum are you gonna frequent now? going back to HF?
(1) Yes, really.
(2) I will not be deleting my profile since there is no point: when members request that their profiles be deleted, iirc the staff say "we do not do that here, shoo" and ignore such requests.
(3) I do not know. At the current time, I will be without a hentai web forum. I do not intend to go back to HongFire (never have), and I do not know of any other communities online.

I don´t believe this is the true reason for his retirement? He never talked about that topic before...
I never talked about it before because I did not want to cause a flamewar. I also never talked about it before because it is clear just by looking at their avatars that several very important staff members are (imv) pedophiles, and so nagging about the pedophilic content on the site would only get me into trouble. It would accomplish nothing else.

It is also why I am leaving, rather than trying to initiate a discussion on the topic. As I said in my goodbye post, many of my critics will not even agree with me that the content in question is child pornography. However, to me, it is very clearly pornographic in its intent (however softcore it may be) and it is also very clear that it's of little girls (i.e. pre-pubescent).

Being a part of this community even after one knows that the material is permitted here -- and encouraged! -- is the same thing as saying, "I am okay with it." Well, I've never been okay with it, but I tried my best to turn a blind eye to it so that I could still come here and have my fun. Well, like I said, I can't turn that blind eye anymore, and I absolutely refuse to condone the material, so my only real option is to leave.

Getting back to what reingiolt asked me: if I do sign up at a new hentai community's webforum, it would have to be a community which has a zero tolerance policy for the sorts of things being posted here. That is one reason (among many) why HongFire is not even up for consideration.

Anyway. I hope you guys have fun and take care of yourselves. Maybe we'll meet again, who knows.