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Post your JAV subtitle files here - JAV Subtitle Repository (JSP)

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Eastboyza, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Rezzonicco

    Rezzonicco Active Member

    Tame as in not daring. This has usually been the case with her Attackers videos: either vanilla or rape, which I hate. I miss her Moodyz videos!
    However the video you subbed is beautifully filmed, the lighting is great and she look gorgeous.
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  2. anymous21

    anymous21 Heaven

    @ericf..I think the 4 hour duration you released ...hhheee :)
  3. ericf

    ericf Active Member

    SHKD-512 Fucked In Front Of Her Husband - Target III (Honda Misaki)

    Here's SHKD-512 with Misaki Honda. I mentioned it in an earlier post. I didn't like the movie as much as I hoped I would when I started subbing it but this is the first title with Misaki Honda I saw.
    Translated from the Chinese script with minor help (about 10 lines) from the Korean script that was released a week ago. I've been working on this on and off since late summer 2018. I've had to add a lot of lines to the script and have used my Japanese knowledge to fill in the blanks.
    Check the txt file in the archive and the first line of the script for more info.

    Attached Files:

  4. Makkdom

    Makkdom New Member

    Thanks for subbing this, Ericf. I always appreciate the effort this kind of thing takes. Great job.
    xavcierw likes this.
  5. Seedlovers

    Seedlovers Provehito In Altum

    I went to jav.guru and found out they post this tittle, I think they use your sub because the words is exactly the same, they change one or two words in early lines but I think the rest is the same.
  6. ericf

    ericf Active Member

    @Seedlovers: Yes, they used it. Another site, I can't remember which, used it, too. Since there's nothing I can do about it, I guess I don't think about it. I don't mark my scripts with my name or anything (except for the Natsume Iroha video I subbed a month ago) and since the scripts can be edited, those parts can be removed. The site that was mentioned here before (the xyz site) did at least save the names of the translators on their subs. I think that site was shut down.
    There are no really good english sub sites around right now.
    I hope you liked the video. I'm going to release more videos with Saeko Matsushita. Not for a while, though.
    Seedlovers likes this.
  7. anymous21

    anymous21 Heaven

    I usually look for recommendations in j4v1ib4ry-> most wanted.. Unfortunately ... the subtitles ch1n3se are released 3 weeks later
    Seedlovers likes this.
  8. Seedlovers

    Seedlovers Provehito In Altum

    @ericf yeah, I guess we can do nothing about that, I understand that you are sharing those sub you've been done for free so others can have joy of understanding what the movie are about, and we are thankful for that, thanks a lot. And I really like the video.
    xavcierw likes this.
  9. cmf17

    cmf17 New Member

    subtitles in Chinese of the series svdvd. for some images and comments I have noticed that svdvd has some subtitles in chono. I would be interested to know where they can be obtained. thank you to the person who can give me information about subtitles for everything that is especially shameful movies of svdvd
  10. ericf

    ericf Active Member

    I have only found 4 SVDVD Chinese subtitles in the archives I've downloaded.
    Attaching those here.

    Attached Files:

  11. anymous21

    anymous21 Heaven

    at least he must include your name as his appreciation @ericf
    Seedlovers likes this.
  12. xavcierw

    xavcierw X-Man


    Thank you very much ericf. You are one of the people that make this such a great site. Your work is excellent and you contribute not only in the tangibles such as this, and other subs, but you also help us LEARN by providing your insights and opinions that, at times, can be even more valuable than the subs themselves. You also remind us without beating us over the head, just how much real WORK goes into creating these subs. It's more than just translations.

    Take a bow!