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Jan 24, 2009
I hate to ask the elders for this meanial task, but at your leasure
I'd like to change my nick to another. When I registered, all I was
focused on was seeing every second of secret acrobat available.
I entered my home/known email name instead of my usual. scorres is known to all friends and family, (and GF)
and being found would be an easy ego search away. Been lucky so far.
If I'm too deeply embedded and indebted, I can change things out here.
Sorry to bug.
new nick requested is


Nice Idea if this is really possible then i would like for an one and for all time nick change to: dading <- it's a good reasonable universal(for me) nick! i hate my actual nick ^^'''


Sep 7, 2008
After all this time, no one has answer to you guys?
the answer cant be more easy than this: PM Chompy. thats it.


Apr 12, 2009
Oh you!

You are such a good guy! Thanks to you, Chompy
aknowledged me and my thread about the shortcuts.
It was very much like seeing Elvis or something. I
wouldn't ask him for anything for a least a year after that:)
Actually my friend, when I posted this thread, I hit Submit
and the connection was lost and after a refresh, my post didn't show up. so I went back in my browser history and found the text and re-posted. They both showed up. Users can't delete posts in this part of the forum, so to try to fix it myself, I edited one of them, and said something about my youtube video that
EMI recognized Eminems music i used, and instead of deleting
my vid, they would just ad ads to it,. I thought that for sure, the mods would delete the youtube part of the double post. NOPE! So I edited it again, but by then everyone who could have helped read my stupid youtube story. and wouldn't be looking again. it's all okay to delete this thread. I think if my girlfriend would find me here, she would have a lot of fun seeing what I do and say while she's not around. She's Vietnamese, but she speaks Japanese 2nd best and loves Miku Hatsune..