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[MP4 921Mb] NHDTA-480 媚薬!2穴!浣腸!中出し!究極のアナルSEXスペシャル 解禁

Discussion in 'Fetish JAV Torrents' started by itchyv, Jun 29, 2014.


Do you like young girl doing difficult enema act like this?

  1. Yes, love it.

    101 vote(s)
  2. No, it is too much.

    9 vote(s)
  3. Neutral, just curious and take a look.

    8 vote(s)
  1. itchyv

    itchyv Member

    I'm really shocked when I saw the cover, but exciting...
    It must be hard for a young girl to do such demanding and difficult action, so humiliating and painful...

    The large butt plug with a water tab is really crazy, but creative.
    Those high volume enema must have upset the stomach.
    Really wonder how much she got paid for this movie... Love it.

    By the way, can someone translate what were they talking at the end of the movie? Thanks.

    Attached Files:

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  2. magic13447

    magic13447 Active Member

    thank you! will post translation if i can do it.
  3. magic13447

    magic13447 Active Member

    sorry for the late reply. i can tell you what they were talking about at then end of this video. as you can probably tell the AV in this film is getting an enema. it's her first time. at first when she is in the dressing room the staff is asking her if she knows what the "tube" is. she doesn't. its her first time to see such a thing. next when she is bent over the bed and they are pouring warm water through the tube into her stomach. she is describing how she can feel it flowing into her stomach and a few moments later she said she can't take anymore, her stomach is too full with water. she then goes to release it but the screen turn black because they can't show "poop" coming out. the whole time she is saying how embarrassed she is because so much "stuff" is coming out with the water. afterwards the black screen stops and she says that she wants to go home and she can't believe she's done something so humiliating like this. she then talks about how sad she is and how she doesn't want her parents see what she's doing. the last scene where she is in the shower the staff says that her colon has become pretty clean but they will have to do it a couple more times and then she should be ready
  4. Stevield

    Stevield New Member

    can anyone please reseed this torrent ? been stuck on this for days now i just need 85.5 Mb left..