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Masako Saito (さいとう雅, 斉藤雅子)

Discussion in 'Gravure Idols' started by ihmissusi, Apr 21, 2017 at 10:54 AM.

  1. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

    Masako Saito


    Birth Date: 1993-12-29
    Height: 151cm
    Measurements: B78 W58 H81



    Under 18:

    2010-11-25 - EICKB-001
    2011-04-22 - TSDV-41342
    2011-07-20 - LCDV-40479
    2011-10-19 - TRID-192

    EICKB-001. LCDV-40479. TRID-192. TSDV-41342.


    2012-01-25 - EICKB-007
    2012-04-27 - DSTAR-005/BSTAR-005
    2012-07-20 - LCDV-40534
    2012/10/21 - TRID-227
    2013/01/24 - GUILD-024
    2013/04/20 - LCDV-40577
    2016/01/22 - ENFD-5696
    2016/04/22 - ENFD-4217
    2016/09/23 - ENFD-5744
    2016/12/24 - TSDS-42200/TSBS-81061

    EICKB-007. DSTAR-005. BSTAR-005. LCDV-40534. TRID-227. GUILD-024. LCDV-40577. ENFD-5696. ENFD-4217. ENFD-5744. TSDS-42200. TSBS-81061.
  2. ihmissusi

    ihmissusi Well-Known Member

    TSDS-42200/TSBS-81061 promo photos.

    0L2A0121-600x900. 0L2A0382-600x900. 0L2A0785-600x900. 0L2A1043-600x900. 0L2A1089-600x900. 0L2A1257-600x900. 0L2A1932-600x900. 0L2A2319-600x900. 0L2A2469-600x900. 0L2A2563-600x900. 0L2A2606-600x900. 0L2A2779-600x900. 0L2A2924-600x900. 0L2A3023-600x900. 0L2A3059-600x900. 0L2A3120-600x900. 0L2A3166-600x900. 0L2A3391-600x900. 0L2A3729-600x900. 0L2A3992-600x900. 0L2A4050-600x900. 0L2A4306-600x900. 0L2A4838-600x900. 0L2A5482-600x900. 0L2A5677-600x900. 0L2A6266-600x900. 0L2A6911-600x900. 0L2A6942-600x900. 0L2A7149-600x900. 0L2A7564-600x900.
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