Looking for a certain anime


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Sep 5, 2022
Hello everyone, as the title suggests I’m looking for a certain anime. I saw a clip on YouTube but it got deleted before I could find out the title.
The MC is waiting for his sister at home as they’re going to celebrate her birthday together. However she is kidnapped on her way home. It is presumed from the clip she is abused badly and raped. Afterwards she is dumped on the street to make it seem she is the victim of a hit and run.
The MC is with his sister in the hospital when an older woman introduces herself to him. She tells him she knows who did this but they’re powerful individuals who do this all the time. She tells the MC that the attackers all have daughters roughly the same age that go to the same prestigious school.
He becomes their teacher and gets the five girls to go to a trip with him.Don’t know if his sister died, but he talks to the spirit of his sister, saying he will finally get his revenge for her.
He locks the door to the cabin the six are in, and starts his revenge plan. I’m assuming he does to these girls that was done to his sister. Anyone know this anime and its name?