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[LINE-022] Ruki Sasaki 佐々木るき - スクぺた。SP [MP4/864MB]

Discussion in 'IV Torrents' started by Kobun_SLF, May 9, 2015.

  1. Kobun_SLF

    Kobun_SLF SLF Born & Raised

    I've been looking for this video FOREVER (http://www.akiba-online.com/threads/ruki-sasaki-ruki.1117464/), and I finally got it!

    Now I get to share it with all of you! :D

    [LINE-022] Ruki Sasaki 佐々木るき - スクぺた。SP. [LINE-022] Ruki Sasaki 佐々木るき - スクぺた。SP [Hi-res] - Thumbs.
    Like my other uploads, don't worry about downloading the images, they are included in the torrent.

    Please consider supporting the model and production company/companies by buying the video if you can.

    Hope you enjoy the video. Don't forget to keep the video seeded for a 1:1 ratio and abide by the other Akiba-Online torrent rules.

    Attached Files:

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  2. byrondb

    byrondb Member

    looks nice, thanks
  3. hayoung

    hayoung Active Member

    Thank you ^___-
  4. psan2111

    psan2111 Member

    Very nice, and perhaps, rare. Thank-you. How can I seed, please? I've some I'd like to share.
  5. Kobun_SLF

    Kobun_SLF SLF Born & Raised

    Seeding again!
  6. ubhu

    ubhu New Member

    seed please