How to convert KFX files to JPG?


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Nov 18, 2021
Recently purchased a few photobooks on Japanese amazon, after downloading them on Kindle app I found out that they are in KFX format, to be precise multiple KFX files for one photobook with some asc and ast files. Tried searching it on Google and it seems like I need to find a way to remove DRM first, then I can convert them to PDF? Also saw some discussions saying that KFX files cannot remove DRM since 2023, is this true or I'll have to go through a lot of process to convert them to simple jpg files? I have no idea how hard it is to share them online. Many thanks if someone can share some information!


Jan 27, 2024
I don't know about those specific file types, but I've converted other file types to jpg with paint. Open the file in paint and save as jpg.