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Chindonya Rising Fortune and Good Luck - age man to fuku chin あげまんと福ちん [1991]

Discussion in 'Hentai Anime Torrents' started by xeruel, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

    LOL thats what I call impressionism style better than cubism eh, again an oasis in the drought :burningheat:
    1990+ yay and seems funny too....
  2. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    Ready for another pick with my beak? Another try in vain, don´t look into ANN or AniDB, again you won´t find it. No, this is not Yaruki Manman, although it may look quite similar and was released by the same company (ラインコミュニケーションズ / Toei Animation) in 1991. It has been re-released as a DVD 02-20-2007 - here´s the link: (http://www.dmm.co.jp/rental/-/detail/=/cid=81lcdv82059r/_jloff=1/).

    Title: :beautiful: Chindonya Rising Fortune and Good Luck - age man to fuku chin あげまんと福ちん - 1 ep only - 29:22 mins.

    raw, uncensored as sexual parts are shown as a caricature only, no subs, format AVI, res. 640 x 480, 239 MB.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2014
  3. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    if reingilot gets rid of his audio problem and started to rip DVDPG´s there would be no drought...
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2014
  4. nyocok

    nyocok New Member

    Rapid or mega please!
  5. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

    LOL this H certainly entertaining, I haven't laugh this much watching H since new angel even new series don't do much fun..... all they got are rape,incest,BDSM,tentacle etc...
    that main guy dick makes me remember Ryo saeba from city hunter LOL, a dick strong enough to withstand anything even heavy objects :lols:

    did this genre died in the 90's ?
  6. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    as far as I know there are only two series like this, both released by Toei Animation. This one with 1 ep only although there is a preview for ep 2 at the end and Yaruki Manman やる気まんまん with it´s 3 episodes, released 1989 to 1990, atm only ep 3 is to be found in the internet, eps 1+2 still are missing, what really is a shame, but I did not manage to find them yet, not even the german Trimax dubbed ones...

    In the end Chindonya Rising Fortune and Good Luck - age man to fuku chin あげまんと福ちん seems to be a sequel of Yaruki Manman for which more than 1 ep were planned, but became cancelled. All 3 eps of Yaruki Mamnan were re-released as DVD´s at 05-26-2006 too.

    looking into Isohunt or HF you will see ep 1 of Yaruki Manman by [MF], but that´s a mistake, it is ep 3 indeed. Happens when someone means there is only 1 ep. Same mistake to be found in eMule, what´s named ep 1 there is ep 3...

    ep 3 is named やる気まんまん3 KYOTOハーレムナイト (KYOTO haaremu naito = Kyoto harem nights), here´s a shot from the video to give evidence that it is ep 3...
  7. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    You're all right. I was trying to catch this one with Winny but it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow... I guess I give and jump to your file :shoot2:

    Yaruki Manman also reminds me Ogenki Clinic with the "human penis", a good trick to avoid censorship and being classified adult only. An interesting note is that the DVD covers you posted have the same censorship code as the VHS releases, which means they don't have more censorship (which is the case for many DVD re-releases).

    This one should be called a side story or "gaiden" episode of Yaruki Manman.
    Production Knack/Toei Video (not Animation).

    No evidence for a second episode exists (the truth is out there). I remember after watching ep 4 of Agga Rutter I was like "wtf where is the ending ?", then I learned that the two last episodes were cancelled.
  8. reingiolt

    reingiolt 二マ...

    dvd-pgs are big files and i really don't hav the tym to spare for downloading ,playing and editing them. we'll just hav to wait for horo's LF clips
  9. redrooster

    redrooster 赤いオンドリ - 私はオタクです! Staff Member Super Moderator

    I have more then 5.5 GB of LF files now, but that´s far too much to have it posted and I don´t want to come across Horo again. I already have enough DVDPG / DVG rips dl´ed and will post them piece by piece without any rush beside old ones of course, just then when we are suffering from any drought in the release-less desert...

    Some of them I posted already some months ago, this will be the next... (att 1)

    Beside Yaruki Manman, Chindonya Rising Fortune and Good Luck and Ogenki Clinic I only know one, which can perhaps be counted in this genre, it´s Visionary / Vixens part 1 (att 2).