Are there bad effects of watching JAV?


Akiba Citizen
Oct 25, 2009
Guys don't be too serious. I'm not being offended.

I'm just saying don't build your preference/bias on a distant culture based on what you see on TV/screen. I grew up watching 90210, Baywatch etc and when I moved to N. America, the reality was very disappointing. Similarly I finally visited Japan for the first time, the impression from J-pop, anime and JAV were all busted.

I think every country has its own beauties, but in my case I cannot deny that I have a soft spot for Asian women. I find them generally more attractive and fascinating than the others (and they also age very well), but only the ones with light skin (Japan, Korea, North/Central China. I don't like very much Thai or Filipino women for example). In fact, I ended up marrying a Chinese girl.

Oh I'm a big fan of having sex with women all over the world. For a lifetime mate, I think for 99% of people your best choice is someone with similar culture and upbringing, but for sex. Hell yeah world love! But... for me it's more of an aspiration than an achievement.

...or rethink my physical/financial condition haha :)
I'm sorry if I didn't express well. I never meant it's more easy to get a beautiful gf in asia. I just wanted to say that statistics say that if I live in Australia, the odds to have an australian gf would be higher than having a canadian gf.
I never meant asian girls are more easy, sorry if my message wasn't clear on that point.

Like I said, that's not the point, some countries girls are easier, that's not controversial. I'm just doubting if you really like Asian girls, or you only like Asian girls you have seen on screen.

I'd be honest, I love JAV idols, but I don't feel the same for typical Japanese women. The average idol is hotter than the women around me, but the average Japanese woman compared to the average woman of my culture. Just purely talking about physical attractiveness: no comparison.