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[200GANA-2135] - プールナンパ 25 プールで出会った看護学生2人組!帰りの車で疲れて眠っているうちにホテルへGO!警戒しつつも気が付けば水着姿で4Pセックス!

Discussion in 'JAV Torrents' started by Beam~, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    Performed by Natsuhi Fuu (夏日風) & Mizutani Aoi (水谷あおい).

    Natsuhi Fuu (夏日風) used to work under the name of Toyokawa Emiru (豊川えみる) doing at least some AV works.

    Release date is 2019-08-03

    Name of the movie is: プールナンパ 25 プールで出会った看護学生2人組!帰りの車で疲れて眠っているうちにホテルへGO!警戒しつつも気が付けば水着姿で4Pセックス!

    Romanization is: Pool Nanpa 25 Pool de Deatta Kango Gakusei 2-ningumi! Kaeri no Kuruma de Tsukarete Nemutte Iru Uchi ni Hotel e GO! Keikai Shitsutsu mo Kigatsukeba Mizugi Sugata de 4P Sex!

    English translation seems to be something like this: Pool Nampa 25 Nursing student duo I met in the pool! Go to the hotel while you are tired and asleep in the return car! 4P sex in a swimsuit if you notice while being wary!

    And what that does mean exactly? I don't know.
    200GANA-2135. 200GANA-2135.mp4_thumbs.

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