1. seitoseitan

    Please help me identify this AV ID or the actress name?

    Hello akibaonline, Can somebody help me to identify this AV ID or the actress name for the 1st scene? Link: Thanks in advance. Hails 666

    What's The Story???

    Pls. some1 tell me 'bout the story of RTP-101? Erika Saeki on the 1st. scene was hot and I really want to know the story. Hopefully some one make an english subtitle of this movie.
  3. tmas3

    The Ultimate Incapacitated Thread (Time Stop, Sleeping, Doll, Hypnosis)

    Thread for discussing all incapacitated genres (Time Stop, Sleeping, Doll, Hypnosis, ect) Top 10 Lists Time Stop 1. SDDE-432 2. SDDE-445 3. SDDE-457 4. AVOP-211 5. MIRD-165 6. MIGD-736 7. RCT-917 8. VANDR-098 9. RCT-887 10. CHIR-020 Hypnosis 1. DIY-098 2. VANDR-116 3. ORBK-008 4...