1. Godhand13

    Stop resisting just let it happen

    Any jav where the girl just kinda is like a doll (not literally) she doesn’t really move no fight might grunt and moan just a bit but she is pretty much just an obedient fuck doll that says pretty much nothing throughout the scene and the guy can just go to town lots of kissing and hard fucking...
  2. G

    Request : Lip Doll vol.17 DRD-17

    Anyone has this? Any kind of platform are ok . Starring : Uta Komori Thanks
  3. tmas3

    The Ultimate Incapacitated Thread (Time Stop, Sleeping, Doll, Hypnosis)

    Thread for discussing all incapacitated genres (Time Stop, Sleeping, Doll, Hypnosis, ect) Top 10 Lists Time Stop 1. SDDE-432 2. SDDE-445 3. SDDE-457 4. AVOP-211 5. MIRD-165 6. MIGD-736 7. RCT-917 8. VANDR-098 9. RCT-887 10. CHIR-020 Hypnosis 1. DIY-098 2. VANDR-116 3. ORBK-008 4...