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    Naturalhigh Mega Thread Collection [NDHT-xxx] [NDHTA-xxx]

    Thanks very much bodyn ! Hard to find this kind of thing and even rarer to find uncensored vr :/ Appreciate it :)
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    Naturalhigh Mega Thread Collection [NDHT-xxx] [NDHTA-xxx]

    Any chance of a re-up please ? Thanks
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    What games are you playing?

    I'm getting the rtx 3080 and and i9 10series. I can play most games at 4K no problem but my existing mobo i7 4700 is getting a bit old, so time to upgrade :) I love my games so need to get a more recent rig :)
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    What games are you playing?

    It's good on PC, but consoles seem to have a problem. It's like GTA and Watch Dogs mixed in a way. Enjoyable though and good characters and story. graphics are good, but i'm getting anew pc in a week or 2 so i'm saving the rest of it for that, so i've only played the first 1-2 hours :) I really...
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    What games are you playing?

    Project Cars 2 ongoing VR, The Division 2, Medal of Honour Above and Beyond this week in VR, and Cyberpunk 2077 on Thursday :)
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    Logged in today and cannot reply to pms/conversations. Click on reply or post reply and get directed to a blank page with fj banner (I think it is working, just webpages seem to load really slowly today on Akiba )
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    [BFAA-035] Anjyu Kouzuki 香月杏珠 - I want to know about you Anjyu Kouzuki

    Thank you so much for this ! :D I wish she would grow her hair long again ! :rolleyes:
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    Anju Kouzuki 香月杏珠

    I did and it's great, but i don't see THAT much difference to some, and her VR movies were similar. Not complaining, just wondering :)
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    Anju Kouzuki 香月杏珠

    I love Anjyu, but could someone tell me how this is any different to some of her other movies ? :confused:
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    [VR] [GOVR-016] Tomoe Yamanaka 山中知恵 - Take a bath together and wash it. After washing her whole body

    Both Suby and Fileisajoke are bad hosts, but just use a vpn, or reset router, hide ip, all filehosts can be by-passed to not have to wait their ridiculous times if downloads fail or you have to retry for some reason or another :)
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    FileJoker Exclusive [WOW-075] 【VR】 Miku Abe - Pissing M Man Bully Abe No Miku

    Many thanks, love these, wish there were some uncensored i could find too ! Thanks again :)
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    Immersive 3D Content and Enthusiasts (oh boy...)

    Just for anyone who is interested. I have the new Oculus Rift S. It is a good improvement over the original. Crisp, clear visuals, virtual desktop and programs that are similar are very clear and all text is clear, not burry anymore. VR games are a slight improvement with not as much screendoor...
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    Help! I desire more scenes with (fm) frottage, sumata, or similar acts in my life.

    I like this theme too. I was looking for "frottage" and similar the other day. I found some good stuff, but there is one site i lost when i didn't saave a document :( It ws a siterip site that had lots of different JAV, including Jap handjobs, VR etc. I know there's quite afew around, but this...
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    Immersive 3D Content and Enthusiasts (oh boy...)

    The peeing one at the top of 5/17/2019 looks good if anyone willing to share or crowdfund....i have lots in mind i would like if anyone else can buy and d/l for a contribution unless anyone has and willing to share like a lot of kind folks already do :)