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    How can I purchase JAV from a Japanese retailer?

    A Japanese service I have learned about is ZenMarket. There is a procedure you have to go through. You will have to set up an account, and pay in Japanese Yen which you need to deposit there. Your credit card bank will likely give you a better exchange rate than the one from ZenMarket. Consider it.
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    Leaked (unmosaiced) vids listing (first post will be updated ad infinitum)

    As for the first quote, we do not know if Japanese viewers have been asked the questions which are being proferred here. If they were | are, their answers might have been exclusively in Japanese language, and no one has translated that for us. There is also the potentiality their answers would...
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    how to download videos from javhub?

    I am not familiar with Javhub. I've begun exploring Tokyo Motion.:jimat: What I can do there, in Firefox {v95} is: Begin play. Pause. Inspect 'Page Info' [CTRL + I] > Media. Right-click on the element reading Video. Save the video as an .mp4 file. This only works on one video at a time...
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    Collection of JAV codes (ideally with short description)

    This might help you a little more: 寝顔 sleep 睡眠 sleeping パンチラ panchira | 白パンチラ white panchira 逆さ upskirt パンツ panties 下着 undergarments, lingerie モザイク破壊 mosaic removed 無修正 uncensored お姉さん older sister パイパン shaved delta レイプ | 強姦 rape, insult 中出し | 中だし creampie 可愛い cute, lovely, adorable 巨乳 big...
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    Violating the violated

    A tweaking of the genré would be to set it in the Chikan scheme. After our female is totally ravaged on one train (which we would view in all its fury), causing her to miss her stop, she clambers to the platform of a train going back the opposite direction. Trying to avoid similar behavior, she...
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    How large is your JAV collection?

    I am surprised by this response. If you shop only in Akiba, Gotanda, and Ikebukuro, it might be difficult to find older JAVs, I would instruct you to shop smaller communities like Kita-Senju, and especially shopping streets near train stations. Back some years ago, I found a number of older...
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    Violating the violated

    And the dialog which should be uttered somewhere during the scene by our male: "Your day is already ruined. But mine is about to get a lot better." :haha:
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    Blood/Virginity prop

    It would not be that difficult for JAV directors to fake a defloration sex scene. There must be a laboratory in Japan which produces a non-toxic red liquid which could be passed off as blood. In the U.S.A., Herschell Gordon Lewis' original gore movies ("Blood Feast") used Barfred Blood {name of...
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    Is playing a game repeatedly over again and again considered OCD?

    No. Especially if the game being played is Burgertime. :onegai:
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    Should old computers stay with old operating system?

    Did you buy a desktop computer from Aldi? o_O My first computer ran Windows® 98. It lasted for over ten years. The one I am currently using has Windows® 7 - X64. It may have gone out of regular support, but access to the Extended Service User patches is available using a script written by a...
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    JAV movies in Bus/Train/and other "public" places

    When I would be shopping in a JAV shop in Tokyo; it would be a weekday early afternoon. A time of not many other shoppers, and when a JAV studio would be shooting something like this (because - is a JAV shopper going to be upset about viewing public nudity / sex?). I admit one of my fantasies...
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    What are some benefits in quitting masturbation?

    Have the orgasm!:wink: It may be inspired by science fiction, but when you orgasm, your body produces a rare pheremone which repels the Coronavirus! This is an element which researchers at religious-based university hospitals have hesitated to promote.
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    Scavenging idol images

    I honestly do not know where to post this. The specific incident triggering this post has to do with gravure idols. But it does not involve full sets of a gravure idol, and the mechanism by which I harvested the images has functioned previously for me with image boards and adult websites: JAV...
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    Japanese blogging platforms that allow adult content?

    Topping this for the OP. There is a question of how much lewd activity would the blog host permit? Could there be an image of an actress sucking a cock on it? Would the cock have to be mosaiced? Imagery of a cock penetrating a pussy allowed? An uncensored view of sperm oozing back out of a...
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    90s porn vs current porn?

    I have managed to obtain a few JAVs, including a couple of VHS' dating back to the mid-1980s (which were re-released by ArtErotica on DVD). Also a number of reverse-mosaiced videos on VCDs. And I would still appreciate seeing the explicit, non-mosaiced videos made at this time when some new...