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    Here's a Method for Downloading Streams from Javhub and Highporn (and others)

    Using the Video DownloadHelper addon to grab the link and yt-dlp to download it, if you specify the user-agent and referrer, seems to work fine too, at least for right now. Only tested javhub though, highporn gives a network error loading the player so I can't even view the videos from the...
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    Missav com

    You just click a name and then the Start conversation link
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    Missav com

    I have not, no. Never felt the need to pay for a download manager.
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    Missav com

    For 1, you can see the order in the waterfall column in the network tab since it requests them as it plays so you just do something like yt-dlp "link" -o 01.ts and increment the number every time you download a file. But you have to let it play for the whole duration to get all the parts and...
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    Missav com

    1. Can't get a playlist so unless you open dev tools, let the video play and download every file individually and merge them after, I don't know how to deal with that. 2. Video won't load in firefox with dev tools open for me and can't get a playlist from any other means either so can't do much...
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    Video Capture Software

    Might help to put the link between quotes or else characters considered special will break the link and yt-dlp might not get all the info it needs. Did you try to rename it to something.mp4 to see if it works? Not sure the container is set right or not from your screenshot Edit: Downloaded a...
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    Video Capture Software

    Don't expect others to elaborate unless you do too. Give porni a detailed step by step example of what you're doing, which link you're using and what doesn't work and make sure you have the latest version of both software. Sounds like it works like any other streaming site so there shouldn't be...
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    Fast and Easy way to transfer from External HDD to another Internal/External HDD

    There's 2 things that drag and dropping could fail to copy. One are hidden or system files, if you don't have it set to shown, not user data so you should be fine for that one unless you messed with hiding files. Another thing would be hitting the limit on the maximum characters a path can...
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    FileJoker Exclusive [SCPX-445] Really Incest My Mother After A Long Time Is A Woman My Grown-up Son Is A Man

    Kanna Hirai(平井栞奈) or Akari Shiomi(塩見彩) according to javlibrary but I have no clue how accurate that info is since the official website doesn't mention the actresses. If the japanese name is mentioned in the movie, you can compare and see if they match and figure out which of the 2 it is.
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    Anyone knows how to reduce mosaic or knows someone who does?

    Never tried it myself but there's that should be able to do it.
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    FileJoker Sponsorship

    My issue reset after 5 days. I tried to download something else, the download failed after 4 hours for no reason and now I'm stuck with the same problem all over again. Still no answer from support.
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    Slimedog's Lesbian JAV (no ID request allowed)

    Complain to filejoker and provide them the link so they can check things out. Their system has many issues so hopefully it'll help to fix stuff up.
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    Missav com

    It works if you use my above method using yt-dlp.
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    The Akiba-online English Sub Project★NOT A SUB REQUEST THREAD★

    You realize there's more than 1 file in that post and there's nothing anyone can do to help you out unless you give us more details on what the issue you're having is and what you tried/ are trying to achieve. The subpack and the unlimited version of the excel datasheet works fine for me and...