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    Anju Kouzuki 香月杏珠

    Lost count of how many times I watched her Booo! music dance video. Peak female performance.
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    In search for 2006-2008 Maxi-247 photos collection

    How much are you willing to pay?
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    Living life a bit more dangerously now? Funny how it is hidden on the default view, well done.

    Living life a bit more dangerously now? Funny how it is hidden on the default view, well done.
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    Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE)!!!

    Imagine if they tracked every thread about this on every site out there and posted: "you are going to be next, you are on our radar, it is only a matter of time". Not happening now, but I wonder if in a few years.
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    Ameblo: Comments without double-byte characters cannot be posted

    Just wanted to cheer up some people on, but not knowing JP and with them not wanting any English, no can do. At least I can still follow the blogs.
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    What features/services would you like to have on

    Does R18 have a forum for subscribers? Is there a no-piracy forum in which official R18 staff participates?
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    Eri Kitami 北見えり

    Besides an interview in English, don't think I have seen any long submission from her in other languages. Machine translator will have to suffice. At least it was enough for me to understand that she had to complain in broken German to the staff that the toilet of a restaurant was clogged with...
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    It appears the forums strips out emojis. Wrote some in here, if you don't see them, then yes.
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    Now for something mildly funny: Could Amazon's product suggestion have made one 13 years old boy very happy? Wrong product or not, seems you can't go wrong with "ramu", it is bound to be delicious.
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    Join Me On Twitter! ?

    Yeah, Reddit is normie tier faggotry. You should try the fediverse instead.
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    Join Me On Twitter! ?

    How did this very same post went to this blog? Did you post it there? If not you, maybe the owner saw your post on Reddit (or elsewhere) and decided to share in his blog. I don't have Twitter or Youtube accounts, otherwise I would leave comments for sure. I do check a lot of your posts.
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    Fapping without lube - dangerous?

    Buy a onahole and discover it.
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    Performers should change names after changing their visuals

    Once I decide that a performer isn't that much attractive, I ignore her totally. Sometimes these women change for the better: they go to the gym, get implants, change hairstyles. The only good way for me to notice that is if she appears under a different new name. I don't know any that did...
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    Hikaru Aoyama 青山ひかる

    I don't she is ever going naked. She is doing acting movies now. ‘Futari H’ Live-Action Film Debuts New Trailer
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    Muslims in Japan

    Only ones with IQ problems are you guys who haven't used the ignore function on him and keep replying.