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    How large is your JAV collection?

    I have drastically reduced my JAV downloading but still continue to collect ever so slightly!!! I have enough to last me for the rest of my life!!! I have a 6TB RAID5 array and a 4 TB mixed JAV and western porn collection. Both are regularly backed up to other drives as it is essential to always...
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    MVSD-294 究極のゴックンLOVERS♪ あおいれな 星川麻紀

    c'mon guys, its in the original post, this is the password BHTH75EDS
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    MVSD-294 究極のゴックンLOVERS♪ あおいれな 星川麻紀

    Most of these videos have audio sync issues. Not sure why, really annoying but can be cured with potplayer, delaying audio by about a second.
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    [ASW-181]ごっくん志願!14 マニアのザーメンドール みづのみう(1.87GB/AVI)

    Super MarioBroS. どもありがとうございました。すてきなシリーズとおもいます。もっとお願いします Thank you very much. Fantastic series I think. More please!
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    Maybe its just the cover, but this girl is particularly gorgeous to me. Do you know her name by chance?
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    Watching too much porn..

    Is there another thread here for JAV addiction or ways to cope and step back from it? As of now, I am still downloading too much. Also, have any of you gotten in trouble for downloading this JAV from the law? That is worrying me more and more with the way the internet is going. Not sure where...
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    New Board Software, New Server

    This is good stuff. Thanks Coolzero.
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    [R]夫に内緒で他人棒SEX「実は主人の精液も飲んだことないんです」(HAWA-045) TIA
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    How large is your JAV collection?

    I have around 6TB now and with all the new HD releases coming it out, its just gonna get bigger. I've reached my limit of 6TB of JAV and will just keep it at this level by purging old stuff and videos I don't like that much. This way, I can manage backups on HDDs. Does anyone know of a cost...
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    [IDed][SDMS-269]オトコのスケベな妄想シリーズ VOL.3 今まで知らなかった!?こんなにHな国民総選挙!!

    i found it on but not on akiba. If you could torrent it, that would be great. If not, no worries. This video looks great and I want to find more similar themed videos like it where the girls will do anything to get the vote!! Tantalizing to say the least!!!!
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    [IDed][SDMS-269]オトコのスケベな妄想シリーズ VOL.3 今まで知らなかった!?こんなにHな国民総選挙!!

    This is from SDDE-130, the previews at the end. Can someone help identify this video? Thanks. Even more grateful if you could find a link for it somewhere!! Thanks!
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    [ES-02] えろえろスペルマ 2 星川麻紀 [3.21GB/MP4]

    This series is nice!! Thanks for the post!! Please continue!
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    How large is your JAV collection?

    Collection keeps on growing with the advent of all the HD releases coming out now. I think i have added another Terabyte or so of mostly HD movies and luckily, my isp hasn't called me yet for bandwidth usage.