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  1. FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie 18+] Three Wives: Wild Nights (1972)

    Alternate Titles: 妻三人 狂乱の夜 tsuma san-nin: kyoran no yoru A suspense drama that comically depicts the intersection of love, sex, and money between men and women. One day, an affair with Taro Mishima's wife, Itsuko, and his subordinate Akizuki was discovered. Mishima blames them, but the...
  2. FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Wedding High (2022)

    Alternate Titles: ウェディング・ハイ uedingu hai What's the biggest event for a couple? A wedding! The goofy but earnest Akito Ishikawa and the always cheerful Haruka Nitta are about to tie the knot. Thanks to the help of their wedding planner Nakagoshi, they've finally made it to the day of the...
  3. FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Winter Rose (2022)

    Alternate Titles: 冬薔薇 fuyu sôbi fuyu soubi 冬薔薇(ふゆそうび) 冬薔薇 (ふゆそうび) fuyu sōbi Jun Wataguchi lives a lazy, half-hearted life, not going to school, hanging out with half-witted delinquents, and begging money from his friends. His parents, who run a shipping business transporting earth and sand for...
  4. FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Hanzo, the Razor (1994)

    During Tenpo period, Bakuhu announced a law regulating expenditures in order to improve the financial situation. However, Doshin of a government office Itami Hanzo, called Kamisori Hanzo, challenged Bakuhu's oppressive way. Because of this, his father Magobei was told to kill himself by the...
  5. FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie 18+] Future Warrior Amazones (2017)

    Alternate Titles: Future Century Amazons 2 未来世紀アマゾネス Mirai Senshi Amazonesu At about the same time as Dr. Maki Amamiya arrives in Amazon City to become the new artificial insemination expert, Kenta, a man from a Christian village, is captured while trying to give some castrated barbarians a...
  6. FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Campus A Go-Go (1965)

    Alternate Titles: エレキの若大将 ereki no wakadaishou Young Guy (Kayama) competes in an electric guitar competition and plays American-style football. Released alongside Invasion of Astro Monster. Released: 19 Dec 1965 (56 years ago) Runtime: 93 Mins Genre: Drama Music Countries: Japan Languages...
  7. FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Anime Supremacy! (2022)

    Alternate Titles: ハケンアニメ! haken anime! วัยชน คนเมะ! The anime industry of Japan is enormous, with 200 new TV shows and two trillion yen in revenue each year. For seven years, soft-spoken yet strong-willed Hitomi Saito has climbed the ranks, and is set to direct a series for the first time. At...
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    FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie 18+] Apartment Wife: Affair In the Afternoon (1971)

    FULLHD! [JMovie 18+] Apartment Wife: Affair In the Afternoon (1971) Alternate Titles: 団地妻 昼下りの情事 from 3 to sex 단지처: 오후의 정사 A working-class housewife is sexually unsatisfied by her husband. When she seeks extramarital relationships, her affairs are discovered by a brothel-owner who then...
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    FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Prisoner Maria: The Movie (1995) [Eng Subs]

    Sorry. "With Tetsuo Kurata AKA Minami Kotaro/Kamen Rider Black'" - What Its About? Dont Understand
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    FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Prisoner Maria: The Movie (1995) [Eng Subs]

    Kikato-kun - Dont Understand You
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    FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie 18+] The Tragic Music Teacher (1977) FHD

    BluRay VERSION Reuploaded